Nowadays consumers are constantly active, at the gym, buying organic pro- duce, living that healthy lifestyle which is what this brand is going to promote in Macy’s. Customer Profile for Partnership 3 5. Etsy has collaborated with many other retailers in order to keep their business trending and contemporary. Are you sure you want to Yes No. Etsy has an upper hand in the industry as their entire company revolves around vintage, unique, handmade goods.

Be the first to like this. Older millennials are settling down, creating families, and have already established themselves within their careers; while younger millennials are exiting college, starting a career path, and beginning to branch out into the real world Macke, Show related SlideShares at end. Target Consumer and Collaboration Strengths Weaknesses Opportunities Threats Target- Millennial minded, including and catering to the trending generation. In order to bring a personal and unique aspect to the store, this product assortment uses states, empowering adjectives, zodiac symbols, inspirational mantras, and initials in combination with jewelry layering, to create a unique mix for each customer.

When there are promotional events, holidays, and occasions sales tend to rise because of the increase of customers wanting to purchase products, therefore sales and receipts will grow in the months of April and May.

Now customize the name of a clipboard to store yma fsf case study clips. Bringing those two consumer profiles together, this collaboration is marketing to surround and include the millennial generation of year olds. Comments 0 Please log in to add your comment. Jewelry is the fashion statement; let your outfit become the accessory. Marketing to Millennials – US. Etsy opens boutique in Macy’s.


Along with products, Zandra would carry supplemental merchandise like hued towels, loofahs, and sponges to complement the product line. Retrieved September 26,from https: In addition, department stores have not seen growth in recent years. Single Store- One stand still Etsy store in Macy’s Herald Square, restricts potential consumers that are located in yma fsf case study region.

YMA Fashion Scholarship Fund

Recognition- Taking in Etsy sellers and designers to help promote them. Merchandising and Marketing Layered and Long will provide the greatest opportunity for growth based on the female millennial consumer.

Nowadays consumers are constantly active, at the gym, buying organic pro- duce, living that healthy lifestyle which is what this brand is going to promote in Macy’s.

They are known as the innovators in the retail industry as they have had many firsts such as, colored bath towels and clothes that were sized to fit men and women Macy’s Inc. Macy’s is closing yma fsf case study stores.


This generation spans over 17 years, leaving a majority of the generation in two different life yma fsf case study. The primary focus of this scholarship was to aid JcPenny in rebranding by designing a new collection for the millennial customer in the category of yma fsf case study, men’s, children’s, accessories, or home goods.

The mentors develop a relationship with their designated scholars through ongoing communication, in-person meetings, introductions to their professional network, and guidance about their career paths. Looks are executed using Adobe Illustrator and Adobe Photoshop.


In order yma fsf case study ensure a balance of winners, four of the eight finalists will be chosen including the best of the best within each discipline while the balance will be the best of the best of the remaining pool of applicants. Also yma fsf case study in consideration of seasonal holiday and occasions, the peak months of selling would be around May and June so marketing would be increased around that time period.


Gives students a chance to shop and depict their own beauty.

Retrieved October 7,from http: How Yma fsf case study is Too Much? Since Zandra is a growing line with selected products, the three buckets in C. Honorees Steps to apply Access to all private FSF alumni social media platforms with posts pertaining to valuable fashion industry related topics. Published on Jan 14, The Rising Demand for Handmade Goods.


Marketing Campaign – Accessory to Fashion Statement The Accessory to Fashion Statement campaign will strive to increase partnership awareness, generate consumer engagement, and provoke consumer behavior by featuring in-store events and an extensive social media push that appeals to the millennial market. Product limitations- Only select products from Etsy will be sold yma fsf case study Macy’s. When are the case studies due? Be the first to like this. Retrieved September 26,from http: No notes for slide.

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