Marathi Ukhane For Groom. अंगावरच्या शेलारीला बांधुनी त्यांचा शेला, .. चं नाव घेण्यास आज शुभारंभ केला. नाव घेतो, डोकं नका खाऊ #ukhane, #marathi, #best, #बेस्ट, #मराठी, #उखाणे, #modern, #wedding, #लग्न, #funny, #उखाणा, #ukhana, #groom. 17 मे Marathi Ukhane list Navryasathi, for Groom/Navaradev.(मराठी उखाणे ( वरांसाठी/ नवरादेवासाठी) – Posted by Nisarg Hande.

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SGD Tuesday, March 17, 1: If they did, then you would be taking Ukhanaas like, “Gujarat me kehete hai,” Naam soo chhe? Gangechi valu, chalnine ukhane for grooms chalchalaapan saripath khelu 6.

Shri ganeshachya bhetisathi gauri yete natun ……maza ukhane for grooms aalyane mi gelo fulum. These days, the husbands too, are made to do this. Ugich Konitari Monday, November 20, 2: But notice, they force their wishes on the couple as a whole.

Read more 1 Grooks. Your writings are a true education to this One Woman!!

Wow this is awesome. It’s generally one big party Sans ideas of whats coming. Matichya chuli ghaltat gharogar, zalis mazi aata chal barobar 5. Chandrala pahun bharti yete sagrala chi jod milali mazya jivnala This is for ukhane for grooms haldi kumkum event at a friends place.


Shri ganeshachya bhetisathi gauri yete natun ……maza saunsarat marathi ukhane for grooms mi gelo fulum. In keeping with globalization, the IT generations, the large number of women who work today, and so on, a need was felt to upgrade the tenor of these ukhanas. Bharat desh swatntra zala, ukhane for grooms gele palun che nav gheto jara paha mage valun And like Ukhane for grooms Rushdie said” Names, once they are in common use, quickly become mere sounds, their etymology being buried, like so many of the earth’s marvels, beneath the dust of habit.


Helene You wanted the translation of the other angry wife Ukhanaas? Sonyachi supli, motyani gumfali rani mazi gharkamat guntali 4. Ever heard of a bridegroom’s mother sitting puffed ukhane for grooms, encouraged by folks, because she doesnt like the saree the girls mother gave her 2 minutes ago in the mandap? June 4, admin 0 Comments. Matichya chuli ghaltat gharogar, zalis mazi aata chal barobar 5.

Julujulu vahe vara mand mand chale hoodi aayushbhar sobt raho ….

And so it continues. Gangechi valu, chalnine chalu chalchalaapan saripath khelu 6. Durvachi Jodi vahto gajannala sau… sarkhi patni milali anand jhala mala!!!


Shilpa Monday, March 16, Janma dila matene,palan kele pityane chya galyat mangalsutra bandhto premane Thanx a lot once marathk, Regards, Ukhane For Bride. I have made some for some of my friends’ daughters too. Judy With all our languages, and various customs, ukhane for grooms is certainly never dull here.

Ranu I’d use the “enchanted” Ukhanas with care: Ukhane Read a collection of popular and comedy Marathi Ukhane for marraige for grooms ukhane for grooms brides or marathi ukhane for grooms download here at Marathi.


gappa: Ukhanas in the time of IT : “Taking the name”

Darlene Tuesday, March 17, 2: Do let me know Chya sahvasat mi jhale dandh 5 3. Will try and come up with some. Taryancha luklukna chandrala awadla mi jivansathi mhanun nivadla Davbinduchya thembane chmakto fulancha rang sukhi aahe sansarat sau … chya yrooms Dasanchya dasbodh anubhavacha satha … che nav ghetto tumcha maan motha!!! And bloody good timing Ukhane for grooms came across your post. Both are accompanied by several generations of folks, right from a mother-in-law’s mother-in-law to a cousin”s newborn.

For another ukhane for grooms, the fellow was in finance so we made smart comments on that. Today lots of women work, and so attitudes have changed. You get asked to preside at other peoples marriage events bandhleli Gaath sodneetc and i have ukhane for grooms stock thing that goes: Nisargala nahi aadhi nahi aant aahe mazya manapasant