You’ll begin with an introduction to the concepts behind cover and page design, and an opportunity to put your new knowledge into practice by designing, and writing copy for, a book jacket. Gap Year We welcome applications from students who have already taken or intend to take a gap year. At the beginning of the period the lands centred on the Mediterranean and much of its hinterland were situated within the Roman empire. The work of our students, alumni, faculty and visiting writers can be found on newwriting. US Intellectual and Cultural History Exceptional States is designed to allow you to grapple with some of the distinctive, some have said exceptional, ways in which Americans have viewed the world, interpreted their own society, their own past, their own literary and artistic traditions that is, their own culture.

A year spent at an American university taking an approved course of study. Featuring our independent UK university league tables and rankings, overall and by subject. You’ll also have built your ability to see other people’s points of view, even if they lived a thousand years ago. The answer is yes, and this module will show you why through an in-depth examination of American comics from early newspaper strips to contemporary graphic novels. You’ll look at issues such as the Supernatural and Dreaming. Come along to our open evening on 23 May to find out about studying for a degree in the Arts and Humanities. It is made up of different sections that you need to complete.

The teaching of creative writing in uea creative writing ba UK began at UEA nearly fifty years ago, and we are still widely seen as the home of creative writing in this country.

This module will enable you to test your abilities and potential as a writer of prose fiction, building on the experience you already have in a formal creative writing environment.

Computing Science with Education. Further Information Uea creative writing ba you would like to discuss your individual circumstances with the Admissions Office prior to applying please do contact us: Download from Apple or Google Play. Ranked 8th for Creative Writing View subject table.

English Literature with Creative Writing BA (Hons)

You will examine both the formal and informal power structures that shape the experience of gender. The module is open to anyone interested in learning more about sociolinguistics, and you do not need to be studying a language to take this module uea creative writing ba just have an interest in language and how we use it. In this module you will consider contemporary Native American self-representation, exploring recent Native writing and film as sites of cultural and political resistance, and analysing the ways in which a diverse range of Native authors, screenwriters and directors respond to contemporary tribal socio-economic and political conditions within the US.


But hey, if it hasn’t, then helloooo. From the mid-nineteenth century onwards, the country re-invented itself, combining the strength of its traditions with Western models of government, economic management, social structure and culture.

You will encounter a rich variety of American writers and texts – travellers, novelists, poets, biographers, philosophers – and think about the role that literature played in the creation of a new nation.

It wonders uea creative writing ba what the consequences might be if we consider seriously Emerson’s claim made inthat America might be seen as a poem. Ghosts, witches, zombies, doppelgangers, vampires, haunted houses, deathly symbols and portents Also learning to argue with evidence as fragmentary as the evidence we’ll explore will hone your problem-solving skills to uea creative writing ba unusual degree.

This list is suggestive only. From Mary, Queen uea creative writing ba Scots and the Gunpowder Plot to the hidden agenda of Charles I, this module will survey a series of popular, elite and royalist conspiracies. Deferred Entry We also welcome applications for deferred entry, believing that a year between school and university can be of substantial uea creative writing ba.

Very well, I contradict myself, I am large and contain multitudes. How uea creative writing ba we distinguish between ‘genuine’ political communication and propaganda? To answer these questions Creative Writing and Identity introduces you to the key building blocks of the craft of creative writing: Texts considered may include writings by Brecht, Thomas and Heinrich Mann, Joseph Roth and others as well as key films by e.

This module provides an introduction to the linguistic skills in medieval Latin which enable students to read administrative documents such as charters, accounts, court rolls, etc.

UK students EU Students Overseas Students Scholarships and Bursaries We are committed to ensuring that costs do not act as a barrier to those aspiring to come to a world leading university and have developed a funding package to reward those with excellent qualifications and assist those from lower income backgrounds.

Director of Creative Writing Partnerships. Eliot and William Faulkner. Uea creative writing ba the very uea creative writing ba, American news was always synonymous with low scandal, scurrilous rumour, and fakery. I own too many house plants? In response to your reading of Renaissance literature, you will put the tenets of this culture into practice, building up over the course of the module an assessment portfolio of short pieces of writing in prose or sometimes, if you wish, poetry.

Thinking of returning to education after some time away? By the end of the module you’ll have gained a keen understanding of how texts work.

Go to Alumni and Supporters home. University of Cambridge Replies: Uea creative writing ba great minds are our partners in many fascinating slow-motion dialogues that extend over decades, centuries and even millennia. The course is hands-on, inspiring and practical, and you’ll be writing every week. This question is essential to creating powerful journalism and it’s a central concern of this module.


BA English Literature with Creative Writing Undergraduate Study – UEA

Young People Pre Information. This course is not intended for students who have already studied Latin to A level or equivalent. As the term progresses, we’ll circulate and discuss your work. We will look at the nature of industrialisation uea creative writing ba the peasant economy, the autocracy and its fall inthe revolutionary movement and the nationalities question. Some major thinkers in the field, both recent and from earlier periods of the Western canon of philosophy, will be studied, and chosen set texts may be selected for close attention as relevant.

Option A Study 40 credits Students uea creative writing ba select 40 credits from the following modules: What are the pleasures and challenges of reading and writing in the genre, and how does a historical writer conduct and employ their research? Intellectual and Cultural History.

UEA was founded in the s and since its inception the School of Literature, Drama and Creative Writing has paid particular attention to contemporary literature. Finally, uea creative writing ba consider new trends in citizen’s voting behaviour at the ballot box and pressure groups campaigning for change. You’ll consider the issues they identify as pressing in American culture, as well as the literary strategies used to explore those issues. Compulsory Study 40 credits Students must study the following modules for 40 credits: What does the American Gothic do to and with these monsters?

Candidates who are shortlisted will be asked to provide a sample of their creative writing: However, uea creative writing ba about the natural world and man’s place in his environment uea creative writing ba a major preoccupation in the 18th century.

Stay Involved Host an Event. There will be extra costs related to items such as your travel and accommodation during your year abroad, which will vary depending on location. What do our critical and theoretical interests say about our values and concerns?

Throughout this module, you’ll study the recent phenomenon of reality-based American comics, which stand in sharp contrast to the form’s common association with superheroes and the fantastic.