Anonymous January 12, at 7: We spent a class going through these squares, where I’d ask students to share their ideas and encourage them to write down as much as made sense to them. The men who partake in the pulp-cutting lack emotion, character, and sensitivity: The internal conflict occurs between his desires to fulfill his childhood dreams and those to become a “man”. Soon, I’ll get their final drafts and I’ll mark them and the cycle will begin anew. Description This quote exemplifies Stephen, his emotions about himself, and his thoughts regarding the men he works with.

It’s probably worth pointing out that I also suggested that if the student had encountered any other topic that I didn’t mention, they were welcome to pursue it. So, let’s say the student ended up with 4 stickies: Not a member yet? So, have any of you read or taught Alden Nowlan’s Glass Roses? Visual – Authenticity Quotation 1 “It wasn’t true.

Tension between time, thesis statement glass roses and focus, I guess. And next time, type it on a Google doc. There is one main form of irony in the story, that being where Stephan longs to be like his father, a grown man, but wants to keep his “childish” ideals and values as well.

Stephen, the Axe, nightmares, and Canada. A firewall is blocking access to Prezi content. So, let’s say the student ended up with 4 stickies: The Polack did thesis statement glass roses “pat and poke him” 8.

Quotations, I find, are a major area of concern for my students. Need a custom written paper? I love the idea of having students record themselves and also of having other adults record themselves. His narrow-minded, stereotypical, exclusive nature for those who appear to be different will never be accepted by the father. Also, am I using the term scaffolding correctly? All the accusations were incorrect, but because of his “different nature”, Leka was seen as a menace towards the rest of the men, especially Stephen’s father.

He was completely aware of the Stephen around Leka compared to the Stephen around him, which created frustration, anger, and, ultimately, the want to end all contact between the two. I think that’s what happens when the perceived goal is to complete the worksheet, and not to reread the story for deeper understanding. At this moment, Stephen was overwhelmed with the pressure to either obey his fathers’ commands or disregard his rules knowing who Leka truly was.


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The facade that Stephen fabricated trying thesis statement glass roses be the stereotypical “man” that he’s been taught, destroys him, internally and physically.

Comments 0 Please log in to add your comment. What does the Cathedral, thesis statement glass roses Cavalry Men, and the axe symbolize? Theoretically, the groups of 4 get a little more challenging as they go; but by the time we got to the final square, the thesis statement glass roses were ready to talk about a concept like xenophobia because they’d already given some thought to how Canada has been illustrated throughout the story Leka’s yelling that the country was made to teach man humility or that it’s the country itself that doesn’t like people as well as how the other characters in the story behave towards Leka.

Never did the men, or the father, want to delve deeper. Check out this article to learn more or contact your system administrator.

The character one was nice to have first, followed by the setting, because those aspects of the story thesis statement glass roses pretty literal, and so a good place to start. In using the axe, he was pretending to be somebody he was not, something he might never be. Stephen shares his saddening insecurities about his surroundings, and in many ways, feels absolutely worthless in the eyes of all the men. So, have any of you read or taught Alden Nowlan’s Glass Roses?

This visual illustrates that no matter how big or small a community you live in is, if the mind is ill, one will always feel alone. When students ask how they should fill up the squares, this year I said “any way you want or thesis statement glass roses.

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I got this idea at the end of last year, when I asked my grade 10s to take turns reading stories out loud without practicing first and the whole exercise ended up being a diagnostic tool for which of my students had reading fluency and which were struggling. I don’t thesis statement glass roses anyone actually doing this, though my next short story unit will involve students creating their own square headings.


I asked students to take a piece of paper and create 8 equal squares on each side. After reading, the first question I ask is ‘what are your questions’? I also like to leave the discussion of the Nightmares for the end of the discussion, because it’s a snazzy way to tie the other squares together Leka, Glass Roses, Cavalry Men, Trees, Canada, etc and to leave the discussion on the note of Stephen’s final act, or at least the beginning of this act.

Newer Post Older Post Home. Throughout thesis statement glass roses story, it becomes apparent of the mistreatment towards Leka because of who he was on the surface. Delete comment or cancel.

Houston, we have a problem! The Polack was never trusted amongst the other men, particularly his father. Description The author represents the emotional impact working as a pulp-cutter had on Stephen. See more popular or the latest prezis. Neither thesis statement glass roses, nor the coeditors you shared it with will be able to recover it again.

There were quite a few who worked ‘as a group’ who assigned one another one page each and then shared their quotations at the end. Well that’s not really true, this time around I read it out loud myself. Thesis statement glass roses next class involves what I called ‘the 16 square page’.

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This visual represents just that. I included as many rows in that page as there were pages, though that kind of organization is kind of arbitrary. The symbolism i understand is Stephen’s act of waking Leka, therefore choosing to defy his father and thesis statement glass roses who he wants to be. Next year I’m going to try to take things even further. When his father worked an axe, it was as though the blade grew out of his arm 3.