Quick & Dirty Homemade Silencers As a sideline to his revenge classics, George Hayduke, the Master of Malice, the revenge King, explores the shady. When you need to find The Hayduke Silencer Book [HAYDUKE SILENCER BK]. [ Paperback] By George Hayduke, what would you do first? Probably, you would. Register Free To Download Files | File Name: The Hayduke Silencer Book Hayduke Silencer Bk Paperback PDF. THE HAYDUKE SILENCER BOOK HAYDUKE.

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The Hayduke Silencer Book (Complete).PDF

Jeffrey Craig Wilcox marked it as to-read Oct 21, Ryan Allen-Longfield marked it as to-read Sep 25, This is where the soft rubber or cellular sponge comes in.

Put the PVC pipe over the the hayduke silencer book and onto the tape bushing on the barrel.

The furnishing of this information is mandatory 26 USC Lisa says if you want to keep your front sight on the gun, you can always cut a slot for it on the pipe. The barrel should fit snugly inside the pipe. The hayduke silencer book, here is the proper drill that you should use if you want to be all tickety-boo legal and have that homemade silencer registered with the BATF. Again, the hayduke silencer book a board-certified Jewish grandmother nagging you to sliencer your chicken soup, I want to remind you to be sure your silencer is properly registered with our good friends at BATF.

Supposedly, each applicant’s prints are checked, but I know a retired FBI employee who told me that it is rarely done.

The Hayduke Silencer Book

Since I have no idea what type or size silencer you’re going to build, I will leave the sizes, silejcer, and quantities that you purchase up to you. I might refer to a silencer as a can, because that’s how the real manufacturers refer to a silencer when they talk among themselves, away from us mortals. Be sure you remove it from the silencer and the bore before you fire the gun. The last plug must be flush with the end of the tube, so you may have to do some adjusting as you go.


When you tighten the unit down on the weapon with hose clamps, be certain the silencer stays aligned haduke the bore. If they ask you what in hell you want a silencer for, remember the hayduke silencer book they are not there to give you permis- sion to own the silencer.

Install the silencer carefully, keeping that rod in as an alignment gauge. He says to start one at the muzzle and the second about an inch and a half back from that. The lower sketch shows the detail of the baffle and screen silencer. My old friend and Canadian connection to the world of the hayduke silencer book weaponry, John Minnery, suggests taping the hayduke silencer book cans in tandem to increase the silencer’s quieting powers.

The Hayduke Silencer Book – Homeamde Silencers

the hayduke silencer book The first step is to prepare the gun barrel to take hayuke silencer. Remember, this official must have law-enforcement jurisdiction within your area of legal residence. Actually, a hacksaw is better than a small power saw because you won’t be doing much volume or heavy-duty cutting.

Fit the hose clamp near the end of the pipe and the front of the gun and tighten it firmly. You can get your sweet ass in a whole lot of deep, murky, serious shit if you actually build or possess an unregistered and therefore illegal device. One half censure what they practice, the other the hayduke silencer book practice what the hayduke silencer book censure.

My silencer ideas just make guns shoot quieter without any concern for decibel reduction squared upon itself, or any other mental masturbation that technocrats usually use to baffle us with their bullshit.

The hayduke silencer book courtesy of Park E. The commercial silencer makers tell us that these holes need to be 90 degrees apart. What the local officer is signing and attesting to is that you are not of bad char- acter and that he has no information that would lead him to believe you would use the silencer illegally.


Make these bushings big enough so that the barrel will just barely slide into the PVC pipe. Next, cut a small, tight hole in the tennis ball and force it onto the barrel. What I mean is this silencer design uses a series of baffled chambers made with washers and spacers or with a series of automotive frieze plugs that will help quiet the sound of gunshots. That is, if you have a can.

Man Solo marked it as to-read The hayduke silencer book 27, If someone has specific dlls ga ted authority to sign on behalf of the Chief of Police, Sheriff, etc. It was packed with steel wool.

If approved, the original of the approved form will be returned to the applicant and ATF will retatn ihe duplicate. Tape the barrel first, of course, to prevent scratches. Your first shot out of the gun will haydue that.

A selection of the appropriately sized frieze plugs, metal washers, rubber stoppers, and the like will be useful in most of the designs, as you’ll soon read. So, enough technical pedantry.

State and local laws. In addition, the person taking the the hayduke silencer book mutt enter the identification data regarding the individual maker and must complete the hayduke silencer book Fingerprint Cards by signing as the person taking the fingerprints. Moreover, any firearm involved in any violation of the provisions of the National Firearms Acf or any regulations issued thereunder shall be sub- ject lo seizure and forfeiture.