Round Up – How to Guest Post

How to Blog - the word how with who, what, when whereWant to write a good guest blog post? Here are my tips and a round up of my favorite articles on the topic, which came up during #BlogChat. This post is in response to a question from @GeekBabe on the chat run by @MackCollier, a weekly discussion Sunday nights on Twitter about blogging.

Why should I write a guest blog post?

The beginning blogger might ask that question- why give my good content away on someone else’s site? … Continue reading


Checklist – Revamp Your Small Business Blog

Use checklist to go from ideas to success with your blog

Use checklist to move from ideas to blog success

Give this checklist a try if you think your business blog needs a revamp; it’ll help you get started reinventing your site. I’ve broken the checklist down: look and feel and content items. There is not a right or wrong answer, and you don’t have to implement changes all at once…but put yourself in your reader’s shoes (or fingertips) and balance what they want with what business goals you want to achieve:

Look and Feel:

  • Look at your header and tagline – Do they present your site as you’d like? Is it too big, small; the right colors, words images; to busy or too boring? Does it match your current offline business branding (business cards, logo etc)? Continue reading