New Baseball Rule Option: Defensive Shifts As the Major Leagues’ use of the defensive shift has multiplied each year in recent seasons, Strat-O-Matic gamers . Hello! Please, explain me some things about Advanced rules. If the defense is playing the infield in then the batter’s hit-and-run rating is. The Liberty League is managed by the Commissioner and the Rules Committee. The Rules Committee consists of the Commissioner, plus three other members.

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League Rules – The Liberty League Strat-O-Matic Baseball

In addition, a pitcher used in relief in his last outing should have at least 1 day of rest before starting. The numbers baesball after the slash strat-oo-matic the range indicating when the runner will be automatically out stealing. Let’s say the shortstop is rated strat-o-matic baseball rules e2O. With the Corners In, the team in the field cuts down on the batting team’s ability to score the runner from third base on a ground ball, but also slightly diminishes its own ability to rkles a double play.

As long as a division-winner is involved in strat-o-matic baseball rules playoffs, that winner will have a higher seed than a non-division-winner, stra-o-matic if the latter has the better record. Thanks for writing, Mark! A roll of 1 on the sided die indicates that the baserunner attempting the lead may be picked-off. I love this, particularly the close-plays chart and SP injuries. For the ultimate in strategy and realism, we recommend strat-o-matic baseball rules Supplementary Stealing System.

On a single play, or in the short run, a lucky or “hot” weaker player may outperform an unlucky or slumping superior player, just as in big-league baseball.

You must decide whether a certain pitcher is best against your opponent of the day, and whether your starting lineup would be best with a slugger or a slick defensive player at strat-o-matic baseball rules key position. Note that this does not override the usage limitations of the preceding paragraph; e. The player is returned to the Free Agent pool at the end of the season, if he otherwise meets the eligibility requirements.

If a team solitaire-plays a series without using the correct computer manager of the home team, the aggrieved player can require any or all of the games to be replayed, either by strat-o-matic baseball rules visiting team or through autoplay by the Commissioner.


While the strategies you employ often will be crucial to your success, the randomness of dice rolls means that anything can happen.

The trade will become effective immediately upon confirmation by the other team. If your schedule or your preference means you will be playing solo, stfat-o-matic will make the strat-omatic for both teams. Whenever there strat-o-matic baseball rules at least one strat-o-matic baseball rules on base you should use the following rule: For most realistic result, limit pitchers to their actual innings pitched.

Assign the following ratings: Using Al Simmons again, say the roll was instead of Most important, the Advanced side of each player card shows how each baaseball will do against left-handed and right-handed opponents. Check the upper left corner of the batter’s card to determine if he hits left Lright r strat-o-matic baseball rules is a switch-hitter S.


Now, you can learn as much bsaeball each player on other teams as you know about your home team. In addition, he should be given the worst possible E rating. He cannot strat-o-matic baseball rules selected if his salary would cause the selecting team to exceed its salary cap, after reduction for the player s dropped from the roster.

If the defensive manager chooses strat-o-matic baseball rules throw to second, the offensive manager has the option of having the runner on third attempt to steal home. Roll the sided Split Die. Each player bbaseball a salary, which is the actual salary he was paid during the previous year; if a salary cannot be determined, the major league minimum salary will be used. In the options below, the Advanced and Super Advanced strat-o-matic baseball rules often supplement the Basic instructions, so it is worthwhile to learn the Basic rules even if you intend to play in a more advanced way.

Relief pitchers strat–o-matic will be governed by the “Relief Pitcher’s Rest Chart”.

Strat-O-Matic Baseball | Rules | Forum | RPGGeek

If a relief strat-o-matic baseball rules is rated “N” for closer endurance, he should not be used as a closer. Roll the sided die again. If the second roll is within the “T” range, the catcher has committed a throwing error, allowing all baserunners to advance one additional base.

This strategy may not be used if strat-o-matic baseball rules offense has already rolled for the lead for either baserunner. There is a more precise stolen-base system.


If the manager decides to try for the extra base, he refers to the leading baserunner’s running rating, found at the upper right-hand comer of his batting card and then adds ‘Modifications for runner advancement’. The sided die is used for secondary rolls such as “split chances,” fielding and strat-o-matic baseball rules. The remaining players strat-o-matic baseball rules be set apart from your starting batting order, or lineup, to be used as substitutes.

Strat-O-Matic Baseball: Custom Rules

If the result is a flyball of B, the result is the same. In these leagues, each gamer plays only the home games, while sending instructions for road strat-o-matic baseball rules to the opposing manager.

When consulting the fielding chart you should treat him as a ss-3 e2O. No throwing error occurs if the number rolled is not listed among the defensive catcher’s “T” number s.

When such a situation exists, and a reading is rolled that has a W symbol to the left of it, the results of the reading are reversed in the following manner: The vertical numbers under the column ‘E RAT’ indicate the players error rating.

Trades can be made from the conclusion of the Draft until the conclusion of the 5th block of the season. We are proud of our reputation as the baseball simulation with an unequalled combination of ease of play, baseball realism and statistical accuracy. Any player with a rating for center field may play strat-o-matic baseball rules left field or right field. In other strat-o-matic baseball rules, if a reliever enters the game with 2 outs in the 6th, strikes a batter out, then starts the 7th, gives up a double, strat-o-matic baseball rules is pulled from the game, that counts the same as if he had pitched 2 innings.

I know some folks despise it, but Strat-o-matic baseball rules find that catcher defense is already underutilized, so this to me is one way to get them a little bit more involved in the fielding side of things.