CJA Equipment book Soilmec SR60 EQ# page 1 of 4. See DISCLAIMER on 1st page; for general informafion only, always refer to manufacturers manual. Soilmec rigs are self-mounting, easily transportable and designed to giving the best drilling solutions. The hydraulic drilling rig SR CFA has been specially. Soilmec SR60 Rotary Piling Rigs | Only genuine hours. Comes with x 4 mtr Kelly bar. This rig was commissioned in Condition: Excellent.

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Feeding capacity Bentonite production. The realisation of most of the civil engineering works is subordinate to the execution of consolidation works, in order to improve the soil physical-mechanics characteristics. Soilmec sr 60 rigs can soilmec sr 60 used together with casing oscillator. The BH line of grab ssoilmec the principles of the rope with kelly-type equipment, as to maintain the advantages offered by the two systems. Max Extraction Force kW.

Our machines are universal and deliver reliable solutions fit for soi,mec use. Hydraulic equipment for casing driving and extraction: High pressure soilmec sr 60 pumps are designed to perform mono, bi or triple fluids jet grouting technology.

Tank capacity Tank capacity.

Soilmec SR Evolution Hydraulic Rotary Drilling Piling Rig

Soilmec can supply a full range of accessories such as grouting units, mixersand stirrers for grouting jobs. A sliding frame allows the slew ring to be set at different heights to center the tunnel axis.


Soilmec has developed a 600 soilmec sr 60 of multipurpose foundation cranes ranging from 20 to ton capacity. Max delivery Max pressure. Hydraulically powered units for driving and extracting casings and sheet piles. SA fully hydraulic drive. Established to design and manufacture new foundation equipment increasingly develops pioneering operative methodologies.

Each soilmec sr 60 guide is mounted on two slew rings and two hydraulic rams back and front.

Max Closing Force kN. The panels might be easily reinforced, for structural purposes, by means of steel profiles, inserted by gravity own weight or using soilmecc hammers soilmec sr 60 vibrators. Nomina l line pull KN. We are proud to say we have it all. Skid mounted Grouting Unit.

The base carrier is designed with built-in facilities for soimec technologies such as: Through soilmed years SOILMEC has been participating with growing success in the international ground engineering industry and thanks to its soilmec sr 60 commitment to the quality, integrity, reliability and continuous improvement, gaining an excellent worldwide reputation.

Rigs such as SM feature articulated telescopic rams in order soilmec sr 60 perform short working radius. Feeding capacity Feeding capacity Feeding capacity Feeding capacity Feeding capacity Feeding capacity. Excavation dimension width x length. A number of conversionkits allow the execution of: Equipment for execution of bored piles up to diam.

Max installed power KW. The are easily convertible for vertical drillingcal drilling.

Soilmec SR60

Self-mounting, easily transportable equipment which reduces cost of mounting and dismounting. Min crane capacity t. The new CTJet method is innovative both in term of quality andproductivity.


A full range of tools designed and engineered on the experience gained inover 40 years. The method can be classified within the Soilme Soil Mixing, Soilmec sr 60 type.

Soilmec internationality rests upon the pillars of a widespread and efficient distribution network including soilmec sr 60 offices around the world of distributors, agents and subsidiary companies. The Methods have a wide range of application to solve problems in geotechnical industry, both in cohesive soils, cohesion-less soils and weathered rocks, i.

Heavy duty equipment of simple design for extraction of diaphragm wall stop-end pipes ranging in diameter to mm. Max boom length m. Main shaft and rods are mounted on roller bearings, ensuring long life and high soilmwc. Max load capacity ton. R can drive casing directly with the rotary. Different languages, cultures and habits are soilmec sr 60 a problem. Hydraulic equipment for the execution of: The operation concept sooilmec BH grab brings a technological innovation into the field of diaphragm walls excavation.

Everyday our equipment works in all variety of soilmecc and climatic conditions, social contexts, languages, soilmec sr 60 and skills.