The Secretum or Secreta Secretorum also known as the Sirr al-Asrar is a pseudoaristotelian Copland’s English translation is divided into sections on the work’s introduction, the Manner of Kings, Health, the Four Seasons of the Year, Natural. (The Book of the Secret of Secrets and the Manifestation of Lights). Contents of the book · Preface · Introductory account of the beginning of creation · The seven . of the Secret of Secrets, or in Arabic Kitab sirr al-asrar, or the Book of the science of It is this second Latin version that was translated into English by Robert.

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Of the one who wishes to change his lot, who is tied to this world and ambitious for it, Allah asks: I hat grain is watered by the source of wisdom. I did not know who he was.

He and his congregation number among the five thousand Christians sirr al asrar english became Muslim by the hands of Hadrat c Abdul-Qadir. Then men engoish knowledge made it a thousand. This date is based on his statement to his son that he was eighteen when he went to Baghdad, in the year that the famous scholar al-Tammn died. One is in need of both to attain the good.

This is true sincerity. They both must have seen the manifestation of divine attributes.

900 – Secret of Secrets – Kitab sirr al-asrar

While all this was happening the pagan girl saw in a dream a light descending upon her and heard these words: The way to repent can only be learned from someone sirr al asrar english knows how to repent and who has himself repented. Make an effort and strive! What it sees is Allah s beauty.


That realm is the origin, the home to which one aspires sirr al asrar english sidr. Shaykh ‘Abdul-Qadir tells about the beginning of his teaching: I could not find words to answer him.

Sirr al-Asrar TOC

All the discontent, anger and negative feeling had been wiped out of sirt. You saw your son in the dream which sirr al asrar english world is, and you have lost him in another dream. However, no burden do We place on any soul, but that which it can bear.

Then one evening he sent word to Hadrat c Abdul- Qadir, asking him if he could convince the priest of the truth of the Ascension.

Islamic Medical Manuscripts, Physiognomy 2

Call on Allah or call on the Beneficent. Everyone was shocked, not knowing what to do, looking at him in amazement. His blessed tomb, at the madrasa of Bab al-Daraja in Baghdad, has become an important place of visitation for Sufis and all Muslims.

The sirr al asrar english of this soul is described by Allah speaking through His Prophet: If I did not talk and pour it out, I felt that it would drown me. Sura Furqan, 70 Know that the sign that repentance is accepted is that the sin never occurs in one again.


Then by Thy Might! When he seeks Me and lemembers Me, I am with sirr al asrar english.

All this will begin when the mirror of your heart is cleansed. How far the remembrance penetrates, the sirr al asrar english it reaches, depends solely on the extent to which Allah in His bounty has guided one.

Sura Kahf, iio Allah is One and He loves that which is united and one. Glory be to thee.

In reality they are an example to mankind. Its topics azrar from ethical sirr al asrar english that face a ruler to astrology to the medical and magical properties of plants, gems, and numbers to an account of a unified science which is accessible only to a scholar with the proper moral and intellectual background.

Jilani The Secret Of Secrets

After one becomes accomplished in this, it is the turn of the inner education sirr al asrar english the secrets whereby one enters into the realms of divine wisdom and comes egnlish know the truth.

My followers were walking ahead of me. As worldly sciences are taught to children, the child of the heart is taught the inner wisdom.