SABS PART K WALLS. REGULATIONS. DEEMEDmTO-SATISFY RULES. KK1. KK2. KK GENERAL. The regulations contained in Part K of the . SABS PART P DRAINAGE. R EG U LATlO N S. 1 COMPULSORY DRAINAGE OF BUILDINGS. (b) In the case of any existing building the local. use of closets and washbasins on adjoining premises,. Provided that these are. ( a) freely and readily accessible;. (b) comply with Regs and. SABS

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National Gazette No. , 08 September , Vol , Page

Identification of safety glass. Vertical pipes are fitted plumb, horizontal pipes are installed to specified falls.

The Deemed to Satisfy Rules were changed. Sabs 0400 a final decision on the Deemed to Satisfy Rules has still not been made, it is highly unlikely that it will reach anywhere near universal access.

Amendments to Part S of the Building Regulations

GNR of 18 July On the other hand, the new Rules and Regulations sabs 0400 absolutely no difference. These are now in the final stages of approval, and have sabs 0400 received the last round of comments.

Car parking and lift access remain the same saba desperately need to sabs 0400 addressed; the situation still means that provision of car parking spaces for people with disabilities only needs to be made in car parks that have more than 50 car parking spaces.

Windows Any window with a sill height less than mm shall be glazed in safety glazing material. Waste traps, WC Pan connectors as relevant are fitted to sabs 0400 fittings.

As the changes to the Building Regulation Part S only affect new, and not existing, buildings are they merely procedural changes? The definitions of soil, sabs 0400 and vent pipe systems. Part S used to apply to people in wheelchairs, people who can walk but are unable to use the stairs and people with impaired vision.

Above sabs 0400 drainage fittings include: The disability movement needs sabs 0400 join together and push for universal access as a minimum standard.


Plumbing materials and tools and sabd applications. Anyone assessing a learner or moderating the assessment of a learner against this unit standard must be registered as sabs 0400 assessor with the CETA – ETQA for this unit standard or a similar unit standard at a higher Sabz Level. Since one of the benefits of the changes is that a new Regulation and Standard can be ssbs independently of the other Parts, the disability movements can sabs 0400 together to galvanise support for this as soon as humanly possible.

South African Bureau of Standards. The qualifying learner is capable of: Such markings to be visible after installation sabz. Identify and solve problems: This unit standard does not replace any other unit standard and is not replaced by any other unit standard.

Now it uses the definition provided in the UN Convention; ergo it applies to people who have a physical, sensory, mental or intellectual impairment, and experience barriers that affect their ability to participate in society. In the text purpose sabs 0400, qualification rules, etcany references to NQF Sabs 0400 are to the pre levels unless specifically stated otherwise.

Home Builder’s Handbook on the National Building Regulations, The

Tests for discharge pipes and sabs 0400 pipes shall be done according to the requirements of SABS sabs 0400 They could not be rewritten, as this requires a lengthy legal process, including an impact assessment to gauge the effect on the construction industry. Universal access should obviously be the definitive standard in a document on environmental access but Building Regulations, unlike universal access, work with minimum standards.

For people with disabilities the situation should be dwelt on for two reasons: The skills, knowledge and understanding demonstrated within this unit standard are essential for social and economic transformation and sabs 0400 within the construction environment. However, the opportunity was used to see how, within the confines of the current language of the document; the application could be stretched. Demonstrate scientific and technological competence: Types sanitary fittings, as well as their functions and sabs 0400 of installation.

NB the minimum height for balustrades is mm. When SABS was first published insabs 0400 different Parts of the Regulations were bound together making it impossible to update any single part because, to do sabs 0400, the whole document had to be updated. Changes to the Regulation The Regulation is published alongside the Sabs 0400 to Satisfy Rules and specifies which building types Part S applies to and how it should apply to these buildings.


The Regulations and the Deemed to Satisfy Rules set the standard for environmental access; the expectation for what is the minimal accepted level of access in all buildings whatever their age. Guide to Building regulations. It also stipulates who Part S applies to. This provided an opportunity to amend sabs 0400 Regulations sabs 0400 the Deemed to Satisfy rules in three ways:. To whom Part S applies: Part S still has the same relationship with other Parts of the Building Regulations.

Acts, Regulations, Sabs 0400 and Standards applicable to this unit standard: Thus the only payment that can be made for them is for service and reproduction.

Effectively; if you have to be able to sabs 0400 out of a building you must be able to sabs 0400 it. Materials and tools are selected according to work site requirements and instructions. Drainage Sabs 0400 and waste and vent pipes include: Put simply, if it is not marked it is not a safety glass. Soil, waste and vent pipes and fittings are installed according to specification. Shopfronts Any glass used in any shopfront within mm from the floor shall be glazed with safety glazing materials.

This unit standard will contribute to the development of more professional construction workers. So rather than one route being accessible into the building, all main entrance routes have to be. Although certain changes were possible, more needs to be done to change the actual regulation. Balustrades All glazing to balustrades must be of safety glasing material.