18 Sep Dr Ujjwal Patni, author, Power Thinking, wants to see three wishes on everyone’s wish list: to search for that special purpose behind their. This is one of the best book on motivation by Dr Ujjwal Patni. I have read it its really amazing i have followed the tips provided by Dr Patni in my life and i got. 22 Jun Top magazine India Today published a big fabulous review of Power Thinking authored by International motivational speaker Dr Ujjwal patni.

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Please suggest three ways in which the personal and professional lives of our readers can be improved. As per the reviewer, Dr Ujjwal Patni presented his thinklng in very simple and straightforward manner.

What motivated you to turn motivational guru and self-help author from being a doctor? Stories you may want to read.

This personal effectiveness manual is presented in a unique seminar style. Reviewer specially appreciates the eight revolutionary and bitter chapters presented in the last part of the book. Power Thinking is a fusion of western writers and Indian teachings in a very easy and understandable manner.

My restlessness led to back to my childhood passion – writing and oratory. Times Point Know more. Do some power thinking: A photo of Dr Ujjwal Patni was also prominently published in the center of the article with the punch line Ujjwal Patni – Role model ki Vkalat. Life is all about extending to unknown territories, personally and professionally. Already have an accont?

All in all thonking wonderful book on thinking, personal excellence and to change the thought process. Power Thinking says that you must learn to say no instead of saying yes. With this amazing positive review in the topmost magazine of India, we expect a quick entry of Power Thinking in the Indian bestseller list. If keen on a training session with him, mail at training ujjwalpatni.


After years of hectic medical practice, I realized that this is not my true calling. Reviewer stressed that the strength and beauty of this book lies in the fact that you can read it again and again without getting bored. Meet them, copy them, make them your role models and seek their blessings to revolutionize your life.

Do some power thinking: Dr Ujjwal Patni

It starts with thinking and ends with action. I am indebted to God for giving me the courage to redesign my life.

Continuous research and global exposure as a motivational trainer gave birth to the book, Power Thinking. Your journey started as a dentist, then you became a self-help author, then a motivational speaker, and now an international corporate trainer: Convert every spare second into learning time. Freezing air before it enters homes could stop 99 per cent of pollution scientist find.

It urges readers to move beyond positive ujjaal and adopt power thinking. The bold review published on page no 63 in 27 June edition states that the book focuses on the ideology behind thinking process.

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Dr. Ujjwal Patni – Do Some Power Thinking

You must be strong enough to defend your interests. The reviewer commented that Ujjwal Patni frankly expressed thinkint thoughts, stories, anecdotes, experiences and made the book very impressive with thorough research. I promise my readers that if they just fill in the 17 worksheets presented in the book, they will experience what international seminars are all about.

Author says that it is not possible to succeed just by positive thinking, we require a more powerful thinking. I love what I do now: Top magazine India Today published a big fabulous review of Power Thinking authored by International motivational speaker Dr Ujjwal patni.


And I discover that as I train and motivate others every day, I myself evolve as a human being. Add to Spiritual Diary. Social media us good when used properly. Signing, taking oath, putting their tuinking on the worksheets and making time-bound plans, makes the book very special.

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People must not think you as exploitable item. Author oatni that thinking can affect life positively and negatively both. Submit your press release. A dentist turned motivational speaker and corporate trainer, with more than two lakh trainees across cities, Dr Patni is the celebrated author of six self-help books in 12 languages. The summary of the comprehensive reviews says that Power Thinking is very practical and useful, especially for the youth who are fighting hard to survive in this fierce age of competition.

The thinker in me thinks, the author writes, the motivator inspires an audience, and the trainer presents an action plan.

Ujjwal Patni Power Thinking Motivational Book Top Indian Trainer

Power Thinking is published in 7 Indian languages including Hindi and English. Power Thinking book is educating, interesting and very logical. The Festival of Diwali.