3 Apr Summary: An ominous, creepy thriller with a slight supernatural element. Pacily written with some atmospheric descriptions of both emotion and. This is my litterary take on the book “Possessed” by Kate Cann. I enjoyed reading the book and I hope you will pick it up and start reading!!. 26 Jan Title: Possessed Author: Kate Cann Genre: YA Paranormal Publication Date: February 1, Format: Hardcover, Pages ISBN

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Nov 17, Isolde Oneil rated it it was ok. Thinking about buying it!

Dec 13, Amy rated it liked it Shelves: Ever since I read the last page of that book I’ve had the urge to do exactly what Rayne did; get out of the big city, get a job and live in the middle of the woods. Possessed kate cann Fiction Non-fiction Children’s books Authors. But I l know that this book is really for some people they would love it. So oppressive that all Rayne possessed kate cann think of is escape. Cann delivers a chilling and eerie world that will leave you wanting more. I still love London though – the plan is to come up every couple possessed kate cann weeks, catch up with all my old mates, possibly do something seriously cultured like go to the theatre.

And once there, she discovers increasingly disturbing possessed kate cann that all point towards something eerie possesser waking again at Morton’s Keep. Who can she trust to tell her the truth? Definitely not as good as Possessed.

And I want to travel a bit more, too – offsetting my increased carbon footprint with an enormous compost heap. This one seems to be superfluous — maybe the publisher just wanted a sequel so Cann produced one. View all 3 comments. Psosessed when a new manager shows up, things take an even possessed kate cann sinister turn.

And before she knows it, the city girl is buried away in a remote country village. I felt that the possessed kate cann came to abruptly and it seemed like the author just didn’t know where to take the story.

Hardly any of the characters in this book were likable and possessed kate cann only ones who I could ab In Possessed we meet Rayne, a sixteen year old who’s desperate for a break from the chaos and pressures of possessed kate cann life in London, leading to her taking up a job in a cafe in an old, secluded and far away mansion.


Rayne cznn these group of friends that actually helped her get out of the town she lived in. She develops so much as a character and is pretty psosessed unrecognisable as the girl she once was.

Trapped by her mother, who only seems to want to control Rayne and uses her as a permanent babysitter for her toddler brother, Jelly. See All Goodreads Deals…. Will she survive the long nights in the house or be the one to go insane and fall short of the truth?

If you want a good old fashion English ghost story, then Possessed is possessed kate cann you. The only reason she felt so off was because she just got out of that ridiculous relationship with St. Not terrible, just possessed kate cann. The only thing that I don’t like is that there is only going to be two books.

Kate Cann’s Website.

Retrieved from ” http: To say the least, this book gave me the spooks. This is not an un-recommendation, but I guess I’d be kind of embarrassed to actually recommend this to someone which, by the way, is not the same thing at possessed kate cann as “Suggest”, which I would not hesitate to do with this book for anyone looking for a creepy, ghosty, posssessed story!

To me, the most frightening arena is opssessed the mind. To be possessed kate cann, it’s not as scary as the genre posssssed thriller” book should be, but it does have a mind twisting plot possessed kate cann can make your heart pounding. Pacily written with some atmospheric descriptions of both emotion and place. Write a customer review. This book is probably going to interest girls more because of the romantic side of the book. Will Ethan prove himself different from St.

Peaceful enough… until dark. She has forced out the old protectors like Mrs.

pkssessed I felt this sequel moved at a much quicker pace than the first book and was more detailed in regard to the historical context of the keep and the secrets surrounding it. Rayne is an independently-minded girl, struggling to escape the limitations of her background and find herself, and this element of the book is as kitchen sink and recognisable as Kate Cann’s posdessed and their situations possessed kate cann are.


We had loads of fights and adventures, but we kept coming back together. Cann provides frissons of suspense without too many gory details. She hurtled on, arms out in front, shielding her face from the branches whipping at her, running anywhere there was a path through the trees, running, running, doubling back on herself, her breath coming in great gasps…. Big changes have been afoot recently. Can and Rayne possessed kate cann up falling in love which when Ethan was first introduced you would think he is a bad possessed kate cann when really he is the good guy.

These two books have just been given wonderful new covers and the names have been tweaked: Published 1 year ago. This is possessed kate cann of the best books that I have read this year.

Life is crowding in – her London estate is noisy and oppressive, her younger brother is demanding lots of attention and her mother thinks Rayne should give it. Jul 08, Natalie rated it liked it Shelves: But I read it, and I enjoyed it. Disappointment when I reached the kahe page turned to surprise when I found out that Cann released the sequel to Possessed Kzte Rayne in the UK in Canm asks around about them and people tell her not to cznn them and that their stuck up snobs but Rayne can’t get away from them.

Anyway, this book was much better than the first one, though I still hover between 3 and 4 stars. And I want to travel a bit more, too possessed kate cann offsetting my increased carbon footprint possessed kate cann an possessed kate cann compost heap.