It was so much fun for me to come out and dribble blindfolded! Site by Cincshite, LLC. The level of success that you attain depends upon your God-given talent and ability, good instruction, and practice, practice, practice. Again, he knocks it down. The legend is back! Occasionally it would work out:

In light of this knowledge, I find it tempting to read retroactively into his career a kind of gorgeous desperation, to wonder whether, on some level, he felt the burden of his truncated fate, a questing urge to linger in the spotlight while it was still his. Unknown to anyone, Maravich included, he was born with a rare heart defect that left him without a left coronary artery. A master of the unexpected pass, Pistol Pete will keep viewers on the edge of their seat as they see a true artist at work. Cardiologists who reviewed his autopsy were flummoxed that he managed to play basketball for so long. But just as often my glitzy passes veered into the hands of waiting defenders.

Hey, I had fun! Top of the backboard. Occasionally it would work out: Again, he knocks it down. So enamored was I with the aesthetic possibilities of the sport, I overlooked the simple urgency of competition.

No other single video can offer the many faceted combinations of instruction, motivation, and the one of a kind drills that made Pete Maravich a basketball legend. Naturally, I was dubious. I keep telling myself, and the coach says, pistol pete homework basketball Another creative fundamental drill of dribbling. Homework Basketball videos include training tips that are sure to make you a better basketball player.


At 40, not long after he released the videos, Pistol Pete Maravich died during a game of pickup basketball. Who can forget the floppy socks, the behind-the-back passes, between-the-legs dribbling, and the wondrous assortment of shots that made him a magician in the game.

With the most exciting and innovative approach to learning the game of basketball. One recent pistol pete homework basketball, I actually summoned the courage to join them.

But he was most famous for his on-court wizardry, for his nimble behind-the-back passes and persuasive head-fakes that pistol pete homework basketball even the most adroit defenders look ornamental and weak.

The ultimate basketball training videos – Pistol Pete Videos. Sign up for our newsletter to get the best of The New York Times Magazine delivered to your inbox every week. Again and again, I rewound the trick-shot sequence, watching pistol pete homework basketball Maravich leapt into the air and looped the ball between his legs before completing a reverse layup.

On a fast-break, something miraculous happened.

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From this legacy was birthed this instructional series. But as the videos went on, Maravich began to initiate his young viewers into a more esoteric set of skills.

If you try to dribble with pistol pete homework basketball palm only, you will be unable to change directions effectively. In the glow of the steel mills of Pennsylvania he began to sharpen his skills to a razor-sharp edge.


Pistol Petes Homework Basketball – Shooting (VHS)

This boy is hot! This is what will be remembered, I thought, when the ground takes us back. Site by Cincshite, LLC. It was so much fun for me to come out and dribble blindfolded! A version of this article appears in print onon Page 20 of the Sunday Magazine with the headline: But just as often my glitzy passes veered into the hands of waiting defenders.

In what sense could basketball be considered homework? This superb technician not only takes you through the basics, but he will push any player pistol pete homework basketball their limits. Previous All Posts Next. A way of mastering the game that is unmatched pistol pete homework basketball any other instructional series. With his own special style and mastery unmatched comes an instructional video series that will challenge even the best: How to learn how to pass.