23 Feb Hello , I am very new here and hope I ask at the correct site..I just bought a AFFGZ flash from Adorama (they did not tell me used). I’m looking for a pdf version for my AFFGZ flashgun which I can load I’ve just bought the AF but found the manual somewhat unclear. Auto zoom electronic flash unit operating manual • Read online or download PDF • Pentax AFFGZ User Manual.

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Relative guide number when used pentsx a normal field of view lens — 50mm on pentax af-360fgz manual full frame, or around 35mm on a current Pentax dSLR. Page 38 l Control Flash and Main Flash The purpose of the control flash of the wireless mode is to send information to the other flash pentax af-360fgz manual before taking a picture.

If you want to discuss contents of this page – this is the easiest way to do it. The focal lengths in the table below are for 35 mm single lens reflex cameras. The wide-angle panel is in a slit on the top of the flash head.

CAUTION This mark indicates precautions that, if not followed, could result in minor or medium injury to the user or damage to the equipment.

The main flash fires at the actual time a picture is taken pentax af-360fgz manual the same manner as traditionally done.

Optional Accessories A number of dedicated accessories are available for this flash unit. From the guide number, you can pentax af-360fgz manual obtain the proper aperture setting required for an optimum exposure. Pull it out so that it covers the front of the flash head.


If internal parts of the flash unit becomes exposed due to impact, etc.

Manual for AFFGZ

pentax af-360fgz manual The flash af-630fgz may not be able to operate correctly or demonstrate sufficient performance, or the penrax unit itself may generate heat, depending on the type of batteries used. Sensitivity setting ISO 25 – Forgets settings on power-save.

Inserting the Batteries Slide the battery chamber cover as shown in the figure to open. If charging time takes more than 20 seconds, the batteries have been exhausted and should be replaced with new batteries. Mounting to Camera Remove the hot shoe cover ppentax the camera. Click here to edit contents of pentax af-360fgz manual page. On the other hand, when you af-360fz it on, you always know the state. Zoom position Flash coverage angle setting Next, set the pentax af-360fgz manual flash coverage pentax af-360fgz manual to match the focal length of the lens you are using.

Page 50 Set the zoom position to suit the subject and place the flash unit at the desired location. The head doesn’t swivel, which is a deal-breaker for some but may not matter to you.

You can use the flash pop-up button. Cheapest P-TTL wireless slave.

Pull out both the wide-angle panel and catchlight panel. Pentax af-360fgz manual with the big-sibling model AFFGZmany settings reset to their default on power off even automatic power-savewhich may be frustrating if you tend to use manual settings or exposure compensation. However, pentax af-360fgz manual is possible to balance both subject and background by using the flash to properly expose the foreground subject and a slow shutter speed to expose the low light background.

If the equipment is not covered by warranty, regular charges of the manufacturer or of its representatives will apply. Bouncing the flash will decrease the flash intensity by the time it reaches the subject.


Sliding it to the OFF position will turn off the power. See pentax af-360fgz manual license page for copyright and licensing details. Page 23 l In the A. Create account or Sign in. And as a bonus, there’s a picture of the flash.

Pentax AF-360FGZ User Manual

However, the pentax af-360fgz manual modes, cameras, and camera shutter speeds that can be used differ depending on the flash unit. Whether your camera supports the desired flash mode. It is clip-on type flash which enables accurate focus adjustments even in dark locations with built-in AF-assist spotbeam.

Enter text from picture: However, there are restrictions depending on camera type and settings. SLAVE1 will be displayed. For details, refer to the restrictions reference pages. To print pentax af-360fgz manual manual completely, please, download it.

Cameras That Support Each Af-360ftz Mode Please note that the conditions under which they can be used differ depending on camera type and settings. Confirm that the subject is within pentax af-360fgz manual effective flash range and the ready lamp is lit.

Notify administrators if there is objectionable content in this page. For example, if you’re going pentax af-360fgz manual use it off-camera anyway, that’s much less important.

Procedure Turn on the flash unit. Optional Accessories Optional Accessories A number of dedicated accessories are janual for this flash unit.