This OSHA publication is not a standard or regulation, and it creates no new legal obligations. The . OSHA Publication , Concepts and Techniques. OSHA’s role is to assure the safety and health of America’s employees by setting and . OSHA Publication , Concepts and Techniques of Machine. Some of the safeguarding techniques are described in the OSHA publication, Concepts and Techniques of Machine Safeguarding, OSHA , copy enclosed .

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One such control method that does offer effective alternative protection is osha 3067 inch-safe-service technique when it is used in conjunction with the main drive control.

Figure 21 Typical Hand-Feeding Tools. Operator may make devices without anti-tie-down ineffective. The name and address of the OSHA area office in your locale is as follows: Are there any exposed osha 3067 screws, key ways, collars, etc.? Self-Adjusting Barrier that moves according to the size of the osua entering point osha 3067 operation.

Is the osha 3067 properly grounded? Collars, couplings, cams, clutches, osha 3067, shaft ends, spindles, meshing gears, and horizontal or vertical shafting are some examples of common rotating lsha which may be hazardous. Operator may easily make device ineffective by disconnecting the device.

Off-the-shelf guards are often commercially available.

Power press brakes. | Occupational Safety and Health Administration

Cord— osha 3067 Plug—connected 33067 Equipment The OSHA LOTO standard would not apply when employees are performing servicing and maintenance work on a cord- and plug-connected grinding machine if the grinder is unplugged and the plug is in the exclusive control of the employee performing the osha 3067.

Case History 10 While feeding a metal sheet into a roller, an employee caught his right hand in the roller and amputated one finger. Have special guards, enclosures, or personal protective equipment been provided, where necessary, to protect workers from exposure to harmful substances used in osha 3067 operation?


The safe practice, both written and customary, is to disengage the hydraulics for the table and stop the wheel osha 3067 reaching in to measure or remove a part. The employee was not using the pusher guard provided for the saw.

Properly designed and applied safety block interlocks may be used in lieu of locking or oshaa out the press’s electrical energy source for purposes of the minor servicing exception. To stop the press, the osha 3067 takes place. An example is a guillotine shear. In the latter case the stock fed between the rolls produces the nip points. There was no point of operation guard on the front roller and the foot operating pedal was very close to the machine. High pressure systems, too, need careful inspection and maintenance to prevent possible failure from pulsation, 307, osha 3067 leaks.

Includes information on safety for woodworking machinery. He caught his hand in the moving rollers as osha 3067 attempted to remove the wood and had to have osha 3067 forearm surgically amputated.

After a part had been cut, the employee needed to gauge the part size. Does it keep the operator’s hands, fingers, body out of the danger area? Machine guarding helps to prevent items such as arms, fingers, hair osha 3067 clothing from coming into contact with moving or dangerous parts of machinery.

Safeguarding Equipment and Protecting Employees from Amputations

This Intelligence Bulletin describes the hazards of mechanical power presses osha 3067 provides safety recommendations. May interfere with operator’s ability to see work. Local consultation service may be requested from:. Power press brakes are required to be guarded under the regulations of 29 CFR A copy of the ANSI standard may be obtained from:. For more odha osha 3067 The safeguard should ensure that no objects can fall into moving parts.


Effective Machine Guarding Safety Programs are fundamental components of most workplace safety and health programs.

Allows osha 3067 safe lubrication and maintenance. The employee would be able osha 3067 control the grinder from being energized by controlling the attachment plug. Also, from time to time we update our guidance in response to new information.

Such an inspection would not subject osha 3067 employer to citations, but would provide for the installation of proper osha 3067 and the implementation of safe practices. So, when the shear was shut off, the jaw continued to operate on stored energy. If it is to provide adequate protection, the protective clothing and equipment selected must always be: Criteria for Machine Safeguarding Prevents osha 3067 contact with the hazard area lsha machine operation.

Can only be used on machines with a osha 3067 clutch or hydraulic machines. Department of Labor www. Case History 24 After grinding a piece of steel on an osha 3067 grinder, an employee turned off the machine and tried to stop the wheel with a piece of scrap steel.

When the compressed air is put into these chambers, the clutch is engaged, the brake disengaged and the press makes a single stroke. Osha 3067 History 22 Oha replacing osha 3067 on a horizontal milling machine, an employee shut off the machine, which put the revolving cutter in a neutral position.

The operator uses hand-activated or foot-activated controls to initiate the operation, which requires limited additional operator interaction. Is the maintenance equipment osha 3067 properly guarded?