+ Oracle Scm Interview Questions and Answers, Question1: What are different planning methods in Inventory? Question2: What are the setups for different. Oracle SCM Functional Interview Questions & Answers – Inventory Module – Part IV – Free download as Oracle apps Order Management Interview questions. 29 Dec Oracle Apps – SCM Functional Interview Questions & Answers that you create using DFF will be mapped to a column in Oracle Applications.

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Explain Min-max Planning Technique? Lot control is to control a whole batch of items.

If present you need to issue out and change the flag and receive those back. Questios Analysis is an Inventory categorization method to categorize items into 3 different classes A being oracle apps scm interview questions and answers most valuable and C being the least valuable amswers.

This transaction is used to transfer goods from one sub inventory to another within the same inventory organization. This information describes the relationships and accounting information that exists between a from shipping organization and a to distribution organization. Do oracle apps scm interview questions and answers like learnoracle. What is the Picking rule in Inventory 1. Cost of Goods Sold: Purchasing uses the price you enter here in the savings analysis reports if you do not provide a value in the List Price field.

What you suggest for optimizing purchasing and production jnterview Choose the Inventory Manager responsibility. Assign the Payables Purge GUI responsibility to the user — have the user choose that responsibility, then choose Purge from the menu.


If the total cumulative releases exceed this amount approval will fail. Assign your items to a category code and the Intevriew category set you have created. Either No Control or Full Control. Under average costing with negative quantity balances, this account represents the inventory valuation error caused by issuing your inventory before your receipts.

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How lot number generates. This transaction is used to move goods from pick subinventory to staged subinventory. A category is a logical classification of items that have similar characteristics.

Attributes, Inv Planning method: What is the concurrent oracle apps scm interview questions and answers for the planning Min Max planning report under planning menu in Inventory responsibility. An asset account that tracks resource cost. Serial control can be setup at item attributes at organization level. The rules engine executes each subsequent rule in your strategy until an allocation is completely filled.

How lot number generates You can generate new Lot numbers during transactions. Negative amount invoice which is created and sent to a supplier to notify the Supplier of a credit you are recording.

Oracle SCM Interview Questions & Answers

Have you performed marketing functions? You can transact items into and out of locators. When items are returned from inventory to receiving or to the supplier, only the control numbers originally recorded for the delivery transaction can be used. What are item attributes? The key benefit to the customer should be obvious; he does not have to tie up his capital in inventory. The expense account used when tracking a non-asset item. Providing best services to the customer.


Copy the template from the tools menu to assign specific attributes to the item and save it. When you oracle apps scm interview questions and answers up a shipping network you must select a questiins type: A supplier partnership focuses on which relationship?

Either you can select any locator during transaction or you can create a new combination Item Level: For average costing, this account holds your inventory and in transit values. What is nettable in Subinventory setup.

Purchasing handles this situation as follows: Issue an item from an organization into a GL account number. IF Use ASL has been enabled, then Requisition will populate the supplier data from the Oracle apps scm interview questions and answers setup which is assigned to the item Sourcing rules can be defined for this Then need to assign sourcing rule to the item 1.

Once you perform transactions, you cannot change this account. Revision control is normally enabled for identifying a modified item. This will populate the sxm and description when the item number is selected at the PO line level.

Create a Purchase Order.