The climax in the story is when Seth and Adam are on the bridge smoking cigarettes. When they arrived at the bridge Adam puts the blame on Seth. Seth is the protagonist and Adam is the antagonist. Present to your audience. The guys get angry and go after Seth. Don’t try to be someone your not.

When Seth joins Adam on a bridge over a highway, he learns a crucial lesson about life, boasting, and who your real friends are. Also the narrator uses the terms “he” and “the boys” in the story. Even though there was nothing in his hand, a lady Toyota put her hands up in He took it off and threw it in the garbage can”. In the short story “On The Bridge” by Todd Strasser, the main character Seth gets himself in a lot of trouble while hanging with someone that he thought was his friend. I liked how you explained everything very clearly, and with a lot of details. Characterization was a bid part of this story to because they was a lot of change in each character through out the story.

He took it off and threw it in the garbage can”. But suddenly he noticed that all three guys were staring at him. The spots of blood had turned dark. Seth was worried the car would on the bridge by todd strasser essay back but Adam wasn’t. It helps when you have a mental picture in your head showing what the authors trying to decide. It isn’t till later that the car comes back and three big guys come out.

He started to walk home. To be your own person or to have your body slammed into the wind shield of a car? This quote shows that he had the choice of still trying to be cool or just returning back to the real person he is on the inside, and he chose to be himself. In the story Seth is tempted to leave many times but he stays with Adam because he thinks Adam is cool and being with Adam makes him cool.


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On the Bridge – Essay by Jimhale

Adam was pointing at him. Seth reeled backwards, his hands covering his nose and mouth everything felt numb and he was certain his nose and some teeth were broken. Unknown January 27, at 4: Anti Essays offers essay on the bridge by todd strasser essay to help students with their essay writing.

Download it once strasser the bridge todd essay on and read it on your Kindle device, PC, phones or tablets. Theme what is right isn’t always poplar and what is popular isn’t always right: When the characters situation back fires.

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How is character revealed for the protagonist The protagonist is revealed in the starting of the story when his friend Adam and him are smoking cigarettes on a bridge over a highway.


Posted by Lunes Lucien at 6: The main idea of this story is that true friends don’t get you into trouble or make you do things you don’t want to do. Seth says ” I wonder just how far Adam will go. Adam decides to flick his cigarette butt at a car.

Cancel On the bridge by todd strasser essay 0 characters used from the allowed. At that point, Seth gets really scared and so does Adam.

Adam is a bad influence on Seth, which causes Seth to act different. The three men didn’t allow Seth to give an explanation and they aggressively harassed Seth and told him to lick the cigarette butt off.

On the bridge by todd strasser essay

I thought this was a good short story because the turning point really gives a taught lesson, which is to never change who you are for someone who doesn’t appreciate you as a friend. Posted by Julissa Correa at 6: Send this link to let others join your presentation: Comments 0 Please log in to add your comment.

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