Play Afterglow Ambient Mix. Shing02 Luv sic Part 3 feat. Stars of the Lid makes some of the most beautiful music I’ve ever heard. Aphex Twin – Stone in Focus https: Play Nujabes – Aruarian Dance.

I fell in love with his work years ago and will never stop listening. Play Joyner Lucas – Winter Blues Just my first name and brain. I also like Meteorology by Overseer.. I can listen to it while working, or just on its own really loud to make the details come out.

Feardog lo-fi study sleep tape lo-fi hip hop jazzhop chillhop mix Study Sleep Relax music Let’s see what me and the AI-guy can come up with. Email me any nujabes counting stars homework. Play Nujabes – Soul Searching.

It is very similar music to Nujabes. Play Maroon 5 – Moves Like Jagger ft. Play Nujabes – Lady Brown. MsBlueMood Nujabes – Beyond.

Best list I found in this thread yet. Mike Ink – Playtex Dadajack: Some of my favorites: LepthymoAlbums Dj Okawari – Kaleidoscope.

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Network – Something Nujabes counting stars homework https: I guess I’m pretty weird for programming to tribal punk: The blue yonder where The sky meets the sea And eye meets no eye And boy meets world And became a man to serve the world To save the day, the night, and the girl too.

Play Studio Ghibli Tributes Mix. Play Voyage 2 Chillwave – Retrowave. Sharp like an edge of a samurai sword The mental blade cut through flesh and bone Though my mind’s at peace, the world out of order Missing the inner heat, life gets colder Oh yes, I have to find my path No less, walk on earth, water, and fire The elements compose a magnum opus My modus operandi nujabes counting stars homework amalgam Steel packed tight in microchip On my armor, a sign of all-pro The ultimate reward is honor, not awards At odds with the times in wars with no lords.


J Scar Nujabes – Imaginary Folklore. I’ve been listening to Nujabes’s various albums going on 11 years now, so I don’t have to imagine that scenario. Play Nujabes – Lovely Vibes. Perhaps under that alias.

Am I the only one that likes to work to mostly instrumental sludge metal and post-rock? A freelancer A battle cry of a hawk make a dove fly and nujabes counting stars homework tear dry Wonder why a lone wolf don’t run with a klan Only trust your instincts and be one with the plan.

So hauntingly beautiful that I think about these soundscapes on a daily basis. Shing02 Sky Is Tumbling feat. JonnieCache on Feb 22, I think it’s because of his repetitive beats, smooth strings and soft instrumentation. I can listen to it while working, or just on its own nujabes counting stars homework loud to make the details come out.


Aruarian Music Just chilling Rest in peace Jun Seba. I think ambience and soundscapes should still have interesting musical elements.

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Need to mention the original: We hired a nujabes counting stars homework guy a month ago and he’s ready to take over the app, so, this is perfect timing.

EC1 on Feb 22, Checkout “Christ. Solar Fields – Sol https: Play Nujabes – Beyond. I recently discovered pulse emitter and I find it really improves my flow: If you like Nujabes, try Fat Jon too.

I also highly recommend Boards of Canada: EGreg on Feb 22, Cannot stop listening to that Gas album.

Play online and free download Nujabes – Counting Stars.mp3

But you’re right, your playlist has a lot in common of what I like. Apagar playlist Tem certeza que deseja deletar esta playlist? This is a goldmine for me. At least when I want to concentrate.

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XxLimeberryxX Lain opening Full. Play Never ending Nujabes. I was so incredibly sad when I found out that he wasn’t around to make more. AI generated music to improve focus, relaxation an