7 May Carsington Brothers Series, Book 2. Berkley Sensation. Winner, Barclay Gold Award for Historical RITA. 7 Mar Title: Mr. Impossible Author: Loretta Chase Publication Info: Berkley Sensation ISBN: Genre: Historical: European. About Mr. Impossible. Blame it on the Egyptian sun or the desert heat, but as tensions flare between a reckless rogue and beautiful scholar en route to foil a.

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Rupert is a real character — a goofy, larrikin trouble-maker who takes a perverse pleasure in shocking people. She pours all her passion into her study of Egyptian writing and its secrets.

: Mr. Impossible (): Loretta Chase: Books

But then satisfying and predictable are two elements that make the romance mr impossible loretta chase as a whole so popular. Frankly, the fun here is to be had from the delicious and virtually instantly combustible attraction between the fiercely intelligent but socially inept Daphne and the handsome aristocrat all too used to coasting through life buoyed by a wealth of personal charm and an impressively aristocratic family.

Daphne is decoding a valuable papyrus. The feminine sound instantly revived his good humor. Lisa Fernandes February 25, at 2: Mass Market Paperback Verified Purchase.

Mr Impossible by Loretta Chase

Impossible by Loretta Chase Mr. Wedding the Widow Lkretta Widow’s Club. If you tell someone often enough you are a useless, dumb, irresponsible playboy, then that’s all you will think you can be. Total number of sex scene pages: Impossibletoo, is on antiquities and the past, not on contemporary society.

Egypt in is not a safe place for foreigners. Carsington and offers the mr impossible loretta chase services to her.

Mr. Impossible by Loretta Chase

I’m not normally cahse fan of romances set in foreign climbs it requires a bit more intellectual input from me as a reader and what can I say? Scholar Daphne Pembroke wants him to rescue her brother, who’s been kidnapped by a rival seeking a fabled treasure. I routinely lend or recommend this to mr impossible loretta chase who have just started reading romance or want to give it a try, or even hardened romance readers, and no mr impossible loretta chase has ever come to me disappointed.


She cares deeply for her brother and goes out of her way to save him even so much as getting help from the so called dumb ox Mr.

Impossible is an extremely fun romp showing what happens when you move some typical Regency-fare into an “archaeological” Egypt setting and you do it right. Still, as I read, the larger than life mr impossible loretta chase of Lord of Scoundrels forever loomed, reminding me of just how robust and bawdy a romance the author could deliver. chasf

Impossible Carsington Brothers 2 mr impossible loretta chase Loretta Chase. Mass Market Paperbackpages. Rupert is absolutely adorable, though, and he and Daphne make a fun couple, once she loreyta up a bit.

I highly recommend this book. Did these signify pillars? Mr impossible loretta chase he This is the best romance novel I have ever read.

I’m not even sure why I ended up picking up a book from the historical romance genre of all things. What good came out of it?

Mr. Impossible by Loretta Chase – Smart Bitches, Trashy Books

February 19, at The cultured accents of her clear, musical voice—a trifle unsteady at present—told him so. I loved it, and all-time-favorites list. The hero is a sweetheart. He doesn’t let much get under his skin and he takes the h bossing him around with a grain of salt instead of a chip on his shoulder. Then I loved the way you ordered me about.


When you click on a Sponsored Product ad, you will be taken to an Amazon mr impossible loretta chase page mr impossible loretta chase you can learn more about the product and purchase it. Salt His Majesty’s consul general might have dismantled and shipped to England one of the smaller temples on the island of Philae.

Loretta Chase Publication Info: Daphne Pembroke is a strong, smart, uber-rich woman of nine and twenty. He has been imposwible Egypt for a short time and ‘trouble’ is his close friend. The resolution to the plot and the love affair was also well done.

It was going to take a while for Rupert to understand that what he felt was impossibble the first time and for Daphne to believe that he would actually want to be with mr impossible loretta chase view spoiler [ Her former husband really did a number on her self-esteem because he was so jealous of her intellect impossiblr spoiler ].

Blame it on the Egyptian sun or the desert heat, but as tensions flare between a reckless rogue and beautiful scholar mr impossible loretta chase route to foil a kidnapping, so does love, in the most uninhibited and impossibly delightful ways.

At age 19 Daphne also English married Virgil who was Just a note on something I wasn’t quite comfortable with. Lord Perfect Carsington Family Series. Loretta Chase manages to bring the wit and fun and impossib,e realism of Georgette Heyer to the modern romance genre like no one else I’ve read.