Full text of “The Mahabharata Rajaji”. See other formats. MAHABHARATA retold by C. Rajagopalachari (Edited by Jay Mazo, International Gita Society) Contents . Mahabharata [C. Rajagopalachari] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. OVER MILLION COPIES SOLD Originally published in the year. Mahabharata is a mythological book by C. Rajagopalachari. Rajaji considered this book and his Ramayana to be his greatest service to his countrymen.

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fajaji After the fall of Bhishma and Drona, Kama became the leader of the Kaurava army and fought brilliantly for two days. Great was Duryodhana’s exultation.


Siva appeared before her and granted her a boon, that in her next birth she would slay Bhishma. This is undoubtedly the BEST version of Mahabharata and a perfect handbook for someone who just started reading the great epic.

Be bom, therefore, as a mortal in the world. My son is endowed with superhuman powers derived from mantras and will certainly kill this Rakshasa, rajaki I have myself seen him kill many other such Rakshasas. Bhishma lived long, honored by all as the grandsire until the end of the famous battle of Kurukshetra.

Mahabharata: Buy Mahabharata by C. RAJAGOPALACHARI at Low Price in India |

It was this child who later became famous as Bhishma. Yudhishthira Rules Chapter Anak tsb adalah Karna.


The art of war was highly developed and military prowess and s kill were held in high esteem. Sri Krishna’s Hunger Thanks for telling us about the problem. She replied in sorrow and anger: This was done purposely so that Bhima might in falling be impaled on the spikes, and lose his life. The jubilant Kauravas insult the Pandavas whom they now own as chattel slaves in their helpless state and even try to strip naked Princess Draupadi in front of the entire court as a common house slave, but her honour is saved by Krishna who miraculously creates lengths of cloth to replace the ones being removed.

It is much like a book of Bible Stories for children one occasionally sees in America.

Mahabharata by C. Rajagopalachari

Buck’s words washed over me, through me, surrounded me, engulfed me. The great men of the mahabharatq regarded Vidura rajxji a mahatma who was unparalleled in his knowledge of dharma, sastras and statesmanship and was totally devoid of attachment and anger.

How can I think of losing you who have been to me at once my life’s mate, loving mother, the wife who bore my children, nay, my all in all? The Ramayana appears in an abbreviated form in the Mahabharata, later to be reformulated as a classic Sanskrit masterpiece by the poet Valmiki. The Pandavas are required to go into exile for 12 years, and in the 13th year must remain hidden. In the course of his reign, Pandu committed a certain offence and had to resort to the forest with his two wives where he spent many years in penance.


In most Indian homes, children formerly learnt these immortal stories as they learnt their mother tongue at the mother’s knee.

Mahabharata (Rajaji)

Revered lady, return home. He sent his daughter in exile out of the capital to the forest.

He asked her to be his wife. Finally, she went to King Dmpada who also refused to grant her prayer. Domestic Service Chapter To the king who stood transfixed with amazement at the sight, the goddess Ganga revealed herself and presented the child as his own son. Still you have to make a promise to me before you can have her.

Many Hindus believe that the battle of Mahabharata at Kurukshetra is not just a story written to drive into humankind the virtues like forbearance, fortitude and reverence for elders but is a truth.

This is the doubt that torments me. Certified BuyerCoimbatore.

But the highest literature transcends regionalism and through it, when we are properly attuned, we realise the essential oneness of the human family.