CE Pro State of the Industry: The t-stat also has large, tactile buttons with backlit, engraved text that are easier to find in a darkened room. Animated heating and cooling icons on the LED display indicate when the system is running. According to Black, in beta tests some integrators were able to set up systems in just 15 to 20 minutes. Lastly, the Coopersburg, Pa. Lutron is also debuting the new HomeWorks QS Palladiom thermostat, which offers a sleek, clean finish by featuring buttons and faceplates made of the same material — plastic, glass or metal — for a coordinated aesthetic. Homeworks QS is a professionally installed system and has the benefits of wired communication to control shades, keypads, dimmers, and more.

Venetian blinds are an attractive and effective way to ensure privacy while still allowing daylight to filter into a space. Is lutron the right product for me? Log in to post a comment. Lastly, the Coopersburg, Pa. The devices communicate wireless with each other and rf repeaters. Shades are raised and lowered smoothly and simultaneously to adjust the light levels in your space.

Biggest Opportunities for Home-Technology Integrators in For the highest-revenue home-technology installers, the biggest opportunities in…. Elimination of Ramp-up Delay Some fixtures have difficulty communicating with control systems.

Lutron Ships HomeWorks QS Add-Ons

For example with Homeworks you can have the sensor respond differently based on time of day, or any other factor you find important whereas with Ra 2 that light comes on to the preset value every time. We have thoughtfully developed end-to-end solutions that will help differentiate Lutron dealers and drive more business to the entire custom installation lutron homeworks qs price.

Lutron roller shades create the perfect light for any space or activity with an offering lutron homeworks qs price sheer, dim-out, and blackout fabrics. Facebook Google Twitter Remember. Lots of innovation made this possible. According to Black, in beta tests some integrators were able to set up systems in just 15 to 20 minutes.

I find sensors with Ra 2 kind of suck, because without conditional logic lutron homeworks qs price they never really seem to do what you want them to do. Independent Control of Lift and Tilt maintains uniform tilt and lift positions across blinds and combines smooth, quiet motion with independent control of lift and tilt. In addition, Pico wireless controls are available in four gloss colors as well as select Satin colors providing coordinated aesthetics to match RadioRA 2 dimmers, lutron homeworks qs price, keypads and accessories.


One of the biggest reveals from Lutron is its new Palladiom Shading System with exposed rollers. Lutron drapery track systems provide a wide range of options to suit the needs of any application. They cannot be purchased by contractors, electricians, or interior designers. Below we outline the residential offerings for Lutron today. The unit also supports multi-location control of HVAC i.

Lutron Ships HomeWorks QS Add-Ons – Electronic House

RA2 Select contains a curated set of control options including Pico scene keypads, and RadioRA 2 dimmers, switches and appliance modules. Where Homeworks really shines is it’s ability to be totally centralized from a design point of view.

Want ability to monitor while at work. From a programming standpoint with Ra 2 you have: Keypads are available in more than 25 gloss, satin, and metal finishes, giving you the option to customize the look and lutron homeworks qs price of your experience. There are no comments. lutron homeworks qs price

Lutron Extends its Family of Keypads, Dimmers and Accessories

This design creates a safer shade by eliminating exposed inner cords that may pose a strangulation hazard to small children. As far as remote access, Lutron recommends VPN for the apps, so you’re going to want to have your installer review the app notes on that topic. HomeWorks has been the leader in light control for luxury homeowners for over a decade.

Like us on Facebookfollow us on Twitter. For more information, visit the Lutron website. Be the first to post! Users lutron homeworks qs price adjust lights and shades to levels that meet their activities using the Pico scene keypad. LED lighting is an unregulated industry with thousands of manufactures around the globe. Ra 2 lutron homeworks qs price system designed around being able to retrofit into a home with regular wiring, so all of the devices are designed to fit into wall boxes, and work in various switching configurations.

As far as your specific requests, there is not anything that Ra 2 will not be able to achieve.


Log in to post a comment. Exclusive consumer research from CE Pro breaks down the target customer for Home….

This unique design provides greater access to windows and views by eliminating the creation of stack back. RA2 Select can control up to devices giving you more options at a more affordable price. This makes HomeWorks QS great for new builds. Keep in mind with either system that dimming LED’s can be challenging.

He admits that sometimes it was tough for an integrator to know whether he should install Radio RA2 or HomeWorks on a small project due to lutron homeworks qs price startup costs and gear needed to start a HomeWorks system.

Additional features include a shallow ceiling 3. Animated heating and cooling icons on the LED display indicate when the system is running. Continuous Flicker Free Dimming Many LED fixtures and lamps struggle to handle the lutron homeworks qs price curve resulting in flickering, or the inability to gradually dim.

Acquiring a national alarm company could help Amazon increase recurring monthly…. If you need to lutron homeworks qs price an interface, or power supply all the wiring is in one location. To understand what I am looking to integrate I listed needs below Capable of supporting up to devices, RadioRA 2 is the mid to high-level offering from Lutron.

A lighting system designer will meet with you to review or construct. Venetian blinds are an attractive and effective way to lutron homeworks qs price privacy while still allowing daylight to filter into a space.

RadioRA 2 is only available through official dealers and professional installers. The shade is coordinated with the Palladiom keypad and the new thermostat. Remove Advertisements Sponsored Links. Provide privacy Black Out: Among the highest-revenue home-technology installers, the biggest challenges for….

New Netgear Smart Managed Switches provide integrators a choice of port and…. Homeworks QS can also scale up to thousands of devices or zones, where Radio Ra 2 caps at with a few gotchas thrown in there for good fun.