28 Jul Roberto Ierusalimschy & Luiz Henrique de Figueiredo & Waldemar Celes. 1. Lua Reference Manual. Abstract. Lua Reference Manual. Roberto Ierusalimschy,. Luiz Henrique de Figueiredo ,. Waldemar Celes. March 26, 1 – Introduction. Lua is an extension. Reference Manual. By Roberto Ierusalimschy, Luiz Henrique de Figueiredo , Waldemar Celes. Original version available at

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Checks whether the function argument narg is a number and returns this number cast mnual a long. This pre-allocation is useful when you know exactly lua 5.1 reference manual many elements the table will have. The functions provided here should be used exclusively for debugging and similar tasks, such as profiling.

There are short examples of syntax to help lua 5.1 reference manual the concepts. These metamethods are also called finalizers.

If the value of prefixexp has type functionthen this function is called with the given arguments. Lua 5.1 reference manual amnual pops both the key and the value from the stack. To call a function you must use the following protocol: Converts the Lua value at the given acceptable index to a C boolean value 0 or msnual. If present, the option ‘ L ‘ adds a field named activelines with the table of valid lines.

You can use the stack between successive calls to buffer operations as long as that use is balanced; that is, when you call a buffer operation, the stack is at the rdference level it was lua 5.1 reference manual after the previous buffer operation. Unlike requireit does not perform any path searching and does not automatically adds extensions.

Lua 5.1 Reference Manual

Lua performs automatic memory management. Each lua 5.1 reference manual in the string what selects some fields of the structure ar to be filled or a value to be pushed on the stack:. A lua 5.1 reference manual reference is ignored by the garbage collector. Otherwise, returns the metatable of the given object. After handling its options, lua lua 5.1 reference manual the given script lua 5.1 reference manual, passing to it the given args as string arguments. Opens the given file name in read mode and returns an iterator function that, each time it is called, returns a new line from the file.


You have no access to the values to be returned by the function. A valid line is a line with some associated code, that lua 5.1 reference manual, a line where you can put a break point. They are used as the default environment for nested Lua functions created by the function. It is defined as a macro:. A structure used to carry different pieces of information about an active function.

The following combinations are allowed in describing a character class:. When this userdata is collected again then Lua frees its corresponding memory. To allow the use of Lua as a script interpreter in Unix systems, the stand-alone interpreter skips the first line of a chunk if it starts with.

If n is 1, the result is the single value on the stack that is, the function does nothing ; if n is 0, the result is the empty string. Table constructors are expressions that create tables. The function returns 1 if the step finished a garbage-collection cycle.

If the text immediately after — is not an opening long bracket, the comment is a short commentwhich runs until the end of the line. It is an object like a table: Values smaller than make the collector too slow and can result in the collector never finishing a cycle. If the object at index obj has a metatable and this metatable has a field ethis function calls this field and passes the object as its only argument.

On several platforms, you may not need to call this function, because all resources are naturally released when the host program ends.

The base may be any integer between 2 and 36, inclusive. The error message which can actually be a Lua value of any type must be on the stack top.


On each iteration, the iterator function is called to produce a new value, stopping when this new value is nil. If repl is a lua 5.1 reference manual, then the table is queried for every match, using the first capture as the key; if the pattern mnaual no captures, then the whole match is used as the key.

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In these cases, it automatically provides the string length. In referebce current implementation, this index cannot be a pseudo-index.

Get to Know Us. Game Audio Development with Unity 5. All such macros use each of their arguments exactly once except for the first argument, which is mxnual a Lua stateand so do not generate any hidden side-effects.

Any other value in the stack below the results will be properly discarded lua 5.1 reference manual Lua. There is no way to convert the pointer back to its original value. Lua 5.1 reference manual instance, to know in which line a function f was defined, you can write the following code:.

Local variables are lexically scoped: When possible, you may prefer to use io. The default for what is to get all information available, except kanual table of valid lines. All values in Lua are first-class values. Pushes onto the stack a formatted string and returns a pointer to this string. Programs in source and compiled forms are interchangeable; Lua automatically detects the file type and manusl accordingly.

If the value is a light userdata, returns its pointer. Each element in this stack represents a Lua value nilnumber, lua 5.1 reference manual, etc.

Returns NULL and lua 5.1 reference manual nothing when the index is greater than the number of upvalues.