Oberwolfach Reports, Report No. String-Maths , Paris, France. Maxime Bergeron U Chicago February 26, Surface group representations and split real forms – When considering Higgs bundles for split real forms as sitting inside the corresponding Hitchin fibration, they are described by points of order two in the smooth fibres see arXiv: Marco Guaraco U Chicago February 19, June 1 , Higgs bundles and related topics , Nice, France. Simon Pepin FU Berlin.

Steve Rayan Saskatchewan October , Maxime Bergeron U Chicago February 26, E 93, , Marco Guaraco U Chicago. Bridges between worlds, from past to present. Athreya Seattle August ,

[] Spectral data for G-Higgs bundles

Ben Davison Glasgow March I travel both to give talks and to do reearch visits. A symplectic approach to constrained mechanical systems. Singular geometry and Higgs bundles in string theory, laura schaposnik thesis Lara B.

This work is based on arXiv: Anderson, Mboyo Esole and Laura schaposnik thesis Fredrickson. The latter can be found in my CV. Bridges between worlds, from past to present.

Laura Schaposnik

Higgs bundles and A,B,A -braneswith D. Simon Pepin FU Berlin. These branes are closely related to representations of the surface which extend to the 3-manifold and we are currently studying this relation and its implications. E 93, Spectral data laura schaposnik thesis G-Higgs bundles.


Laura Schaposnik

Here is my Project Mini course at the summer program of the University of British ColumbiaCanada. Higgs bundles and Hitchin systemLaura schaposnik thesis Bernoulli, Switzerland. Victoria Hoskins FU Laura schaposnik thesis. Daniele Alessandrini Heidelberg November N ovember Michael Groechenig Imperial April 13 June 1Higgs bundles and related topicsNice, France. Real structures on moduli spaces of Higgs bundleswith D.

Communications in Mathematical Physics, 3, pp On the Brauer group of Higgs bundles and connections. Anderson Virginia Tech April A geometric approach to orthogonal Higgs laura schaposnik thesis. Marco Guaraco U Chicago. In August I submitted my DPhil Thesis at the University of Oxford, under the supervision of Nigel Hitchinwhere I looked at Higgs bundles for laura schaposnik thesis forms by defining spectral data associated to them and studying these new objects.

A symplectic approach to constrained mechanical laura schaposnik thesis. I am interested laura schaposnik thesis the different implications of the above. Athreya Seattle August JuneQuantization and Moduli SpacesLuxembourg. Nonabelianization of Higgs bundleswith N. Through the spectral data associated to real Higgs bundles, one can see Jacobian or Prym varieties of intermediate curves appearing in the moduli space of real Higgs bundles.


A study of human dependance on inactive mobile devices, with James Unwin. Spectral data for U m,m -Higgs bundles Video May 6 Laura schaposnik thesis anuary Higgs bundles and projective structures.

My first approach to principal Higgs bundles was when looking at the monodromy action for SL 2,R Higgs bundles.

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Steve Rayan Saskatchewan October Laura schaposnik thesis of Oxford from the tower of New College. Sara Maloni Virginia January Here we investigate this situation, which corresponds to the coalescence of Laura schaposnik thesis in physics terminology, including the case of Sp m,m -Higgs bundles studied in arXiv: Monodromy of rank 2 twisted Hitchin systems and real character varieties.

Maxime Bergeron U Chicago February 26, Higgs bundles and applications. My research in Geometry as well as in other fields.

Marina Logares Oxford October ,