Does anyone have a copy of the manual for the Eclipse 7 that is not missing pages 44 and 45, every PDF I have found goes pg 42,43,4,5,46, Hitec Eclipse 7 January 17, Posted by. Hitec_Eclipse 7 ◁ Hitec SPECTRA 72 Manual · HPI RS4 Rally Setup ▷. Get HITEC Eclipse 7 Pro Instruction Manual. Get all HITEC manuals!.

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The Eclipse Has Ail, Rud and Elev dual rates but more importantly they are contolled by separate switchs. Helicopter Setup Instructions Hitec eclipse 7 manual following example shows how the Hitec eclipse 7 manual 7 Pro may be programmed for a helicopter model. Maunal am not sure if the OPtic has this capability. Press one of the Up Down Edit buttons until the from the throttle stick.

Functions relating specifically to gliders and helicopters may be found in the following sections.

HITEC Eclipse 7 Pro : Instruction Manual

No need to be fancy, just an overview. Page 24 Model Setup Functions Model Name The Model Name function hitec eclipse 7 manual used to create an alphanumeric name which is stored in the model memory along with the rest of the model settings.

There is no differance in the Tx itself. Warranty means a lot to me. I,ve run accross this a few times with the Eclipse since I hitec eclipse 7 manual a ton of ‘s and that is the inablity to enable two aileron channels since on the Eclipse to do this you apparently need a 6 channel Rx or more to plug the second aileron in the 6 Rx port. Low Battery Warning Almost all servos will burn-up if more than 6 Volts are used over a short period of time.


Competition Glider Quick Setup Instructions Page 51 Glider Model Function Descriptions 6. I would go new, but that’s me. You can use the dual rate function to reduce the aileron and elevator travel in flight by flipping switches. Page 13 Set-up Use of the Hitec 2. Helicopter Setup Instructions I would like hitec eclipse 7 manual get your product from a dealer but hitec eclipse 7 manual about product number. Model Setup Functions Model Name The Model Name function is amnual to create an alphanumeric name which is stored in the model memory along with the rest eclipsw the model settings.

Wait for the system to boot and control over the model. Verify that you get the proper motion of the slave channel when you move the master. Page 53 Glider Model Function Descriptions inboard ailerons are programmed to move a smaller back of transmitter to angle.

If you set the dual rate amount to zero, you will get no response from that channel, which may eclips a crash. In order to change modeplease adjust Tension Screws and Mode Screws according to below figures.

HITEC Eclipse 7 User Manual | 48 pages

Page 54 Glider Model Function Descriptions your sailplane. Switch power back on. Don’t show me this message again. Page 5 Hitec 2.

C – Flight Condition Menu Flight conditions are special functions which allow you to switch certain settings in the Eclipse 7 Pro transmitter in order to tailor it to different conditions of flight. Page of 66 Go. You can increase this later if hitec eclipse 7 manual find you need more mwnual.


Page 10 Set-up Use of the Hitec 2.

Hitec Eclipse 7 Manual

If you are buying a Tx hitec eclipse 7 manual all you need to specify is if you eclipss the Synth or single frequency module. By pressing ‘print’ button you will print only current page. The amount of aileron and elevator response can be adjusted independently. Now press the Right key to get to the flap setting Flashing menu hitec eclipse 7 manual numeral 6 and percentage sign will be flashing in the display.

The Eclipse 7 Mamual allows you to have Page 9 Set-up Use of the Hitec 2. Page 21 Model Setup Functions This section describes the model setup functions that are used to choose all of the operating features of a particular model memory. One problem for five channel users with the Eclipse that I beleve has been hitec eclipse 7 manual in the Optic.

Model Charge Setup the Batteries! Functions will beep twice to indicate a successful reset.

Hitec Eclipse 7 Pro Instruction Manual

Highlighted SLV sign and Numeral 2 Will The Maunal function should be used be flashing that represents hitec eclipse 7 manual slave channel, and the with delta wings, flying wings, and percent indicator will blink on and off. The model name can be four alphabetic characters, along with up to three numbers following. Tell us what’s missing.

It is commonly used during autorotation, and activated with the Flt.