GOST – 0, Aluminium and aluminium alloys plates. GOST – 74, Strips from silver solders. GOST – 76, Sheets of aluminium alloys. GOST −76 Sheets of aluminum and aluminum alloys. Specifications (with Amendments No. 1, 2, 3). GOST − Group В INTERSTATE. Unbelievable price on Aluminum sheet 2,5 in accordance with GOST , Amg6 brand in Moscow (Russia) company MetTransTerminal Nizhnij Novgorod, .

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Magnesium pipe, wire Sheet, strip foil.

Aluminum sheets (GOST 21631-76)

Titanium grade 36 Sheet, strip foil. MP35N Wire, rod bar Sheet platestrip foil. The chemical composition determined for two leaves from the party. IncoloyAlloy Wire, rod bar The sheet platestrip foil Flange, valve, fitting.

I agree to receive offers from other companies.

Molding materials and mixtures. Bronze Bronze tin foundry Bronze tin pressure treated Bronze without tin foundry Bronze without tin pressure treated. InconelAlloy Wire, rod. Alloy 45N Sheet, strip foil. Rare earth and refractory metals Refractory metals and alloys.


Tungsten rhenium wire WRe20 Tungsten rhenium thermocouple. Platinum and platinum alloys Platinum alloy Platinum. Stainless strip Stainless foil stainless band busbar. Titanium grade 19 Rod barwire. Rare metals mill-products Vanadium strip, sheet, pid, ingot Vanadium 26131, sheet, pid, ingot Vanadium wire, rod. Titanium gost VT20 Tube, sheet plate.

Rare metal mill-products Beryllium metal ingot Gadolinium metal ingot Gallium metal ingot Germanium goost ingot Yttrium metal ingot Lithium metal ingot Selenium metal ingot Scandium metal ingot. Strip foil Busbar, band.

Testing of metals Chemical analysis of metals Mechanical testing of metals Methods of testing metals other Non-destructive testing of metals Testing of metals in General. Electrotechnical steel Electrotechnical steel sulfur Electrotechnical unalloyed steel. Ti-6Al-6V-2Sn Rod barwire. Call back in 30 seconds.

AMg6 GOST :: Total Materia

Zirconium pipe, bar, rod, wire Sheet, strip foil. Lead Lead tape, foil Lead sheet. Copper 26131 Sheet, strip foil. Wire and wire goods Steel wire rope Mesh metal Wire, steel, alloy Wire from nonferrous metals and their alloys.


Aluminium, aluminium alloy Aluminium primary Aluminium technical Aluminium for desoxydation Aluminum foundry alloy Aluminum alloys Aluminium antifriction alloy Podsalivanii aluminum alloy Aluminum sintered alloy.

Non-ferrous alloys Non-ferrous metals Aluminium Tin Lead. Rolled products of non-ferrous metals Solid alloys, metal-ceramic products and powders, metal Secondary non-ferrous metals, alloys, and waste Bars Non-ferrous metals, including 2631 metals, and their alloys.

Titanium grade 6, Ti5Al2.

Cobalt strip, sheet, pig, ingot Wire, rod. The field is wrongly filled. Alloy 50NHS Sheet, strip, foil. There may be Sberbank and Privatbank. Copper-zinc alloy Copper-zinc solder 221631 casting Brass pressure treated. Thermocouple copel wire CuNi40 Copel sheet, strip.

0,3h1200h3000 mm sheet duraluminium D19CHAM GOST 21631-76

Titanium gost VT16 Tube, sheet plate. TiV-2Fe-3Al Rod barwire. Titanium gost VT Pipe, sheet plate.