They usually are strong, active and cheerful. Using the notes below, write your speech. Students must have hobbies such as reading, collecting stamps, fishing or listening to music of your choice. These adults have to be good role models by not smoking themselves. Thank you for I would like to thank everyone here for your full support With this, I shall end my speech.

If it is on a current issue, you need to have read about it. Many of the students of Sekolah Menengah Kebangsaan Permata are unhappy about the conditions at the school canteen. She was born in Pasir Jertih, Terengganu on 8 August It is good that creativity in producing these goods is given to sellers. Creating more national parks for the wildlife is one of the conservation activities that the government can implement. Using the notes below, write your speech.

Content Paragraph 2 — Second Advantage The driver of the Toyota Format essay english spm should have stopped at the junction. It was true friendship and public spiritedness which brought happiness and meaning of life.

The authors force us to explore our beliefs and those of other people and by doing so we are able to understand people of other cultures. Besides this, the loud music and noise coming from the kitchen also contributed to this unsatisfactory situation. Besides all these, entertainment is one of format essay english spm major advantages you will experience if you format essay english spm in English.

When you go for a job interview, the interviewer will surely talk to you in English. Online marketing analytical research paper outline mla format personal narrative model dialogue soupio. The students are prepared to boycott the canteen if their complaints go unheeded.


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Finally, I wish to format essay english spm a word of reminder to you all. Thank you for I would like to thank everyone here for your full support With this, I shall end my speech. The Indonesian authorities appear to have no power to control farmers from practising such methods. There will be someone from the club who will be in charge of the collection.

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She was fortunate to format essay english spm able to learn English from English lecturers who were the native speakers of English. Students who are involved in co-curricular activities are less likely to fall sick and be absent from school. Lot of campaigns through the television, radio and newspapers were taken to make people aware of the issue and take precaution rather than cure them.

There are many ways one can get rid of stress.

Students should also have balanced meals and enough sleep. Though some people have criticised our government for setting aside a staggering sum of RM million over 6 years for the campaign, it is nothing compared to the huge amounts that tobacco companies spend to promote smoking.

As it is available at night, members of a family can shop format essay english spm. The government is increasingly concerned that although strict measures are format essay english spm during this period of time there is no reduction in the number of accidents and deaths.

Your article is given in the point form below: Arrange the points in sequence. Join over 50, people who get FREE latest scholarship updates via email! The first prize winner will get a book voucher of RM, the second prize winner will get a book voucher of RM, and the third prize winner will receive a book voucher of RM Yes, the first step has been taken by the top, but sad to say, many of our politicians smoke themselves.


Decide the order in which you want to present format essay english spm ideas. On 7 th September at Students should play football, hockey, basketball and badminton to reduce stress. The villagers smiled at him but being an aloof man, he just ignored them … Despite his rotten behaviour, the villagers were still nice and helpful to him. Flashbacks are format essay english spm wonderful device but you should only engage in this if you can carry it off. Make the story real for him. Using the information below, write a letter to your friend telling him about format essay english spm aims of the English Month and the activities that were carried out.


Everyone had admired her for her looks, her brains and her beautiful character. This is a serious matter and should be solved as soon as possible. Couple Foils Robbery Attempt.

In United Kingdom halal meat was available everywhere as there were Pakistani people who lived in there as local people. Therefore, students should plan a time-table.