The aftermath of the disaster left 15, dead, numerous ill, with a pollutedenvironment that is yet to recover. Sarangi stressed the need for a clinic in each of the affected communities. The data Information can be collected from the Primary sources and Secondary sources. Ocular health effects During the first two months after the exposure, victims reported severe ocular burning, watering, pain and photophobia [22]. They could not spray high enough to reduce the concentration of escaping gas.

He must make a minute scrutiny because it is just possible that the secondary data may be unsuitable or may be inadequate in the context of the problem which the researcher wants to study. If successfully the legal action in the US Federal Court will force Union Carbide to pay further compensation far greater than the settlement amount of million dollars it paid in Two of the protestors were injured when they were forcibly removed by the police. The Union Cabinet on Wednesday approved the implementation of the Supreme Court order for disbursement of pro-rata additional compensation on one-on-one basis to victims of the Bhopal gas tragedy. The final technical report of ICMR [2] has also reported high miscarriage rates in the initial years after the disaster in addition to the increased menstrual irregularities and excessive bleeding among gas-exposed inhabitants. Choudhary rejected allegations levelled against him and pleaded the court to absolve him of the charges. Those who ran inhaled more than those who had a vehicle to ride.

Therefore those in the remaining 20 wards are being denied. Many others were born with deformities and permanent disabilities. In Novemberthe Ukranian president shut down Reactor No. Natural and Man-Made Disasters Paragraph.

The Prime Minister conceded to the demand on April 17 after meeting with representatives of these organisations. Advocates continue to appear at Dow shareholder meetings in order to demand clean-up. The GoM recommendations are also silent on the prevention of future Bhopals: The aforesaid information was essay on bhopal gas tragedy during the meeting of the departmental advisory committee of the gas relief department. This caused a huge and vigorous reaction of chemicals, which burst out of the cement storage tank, breaking its top essay on bhopal gas tragedy.

Only these measures can ensure that the tragedy of Bhopal and its shameful consequences are never repeated on Indian soil! Several hypotheses attributed for this disaster include, ‘prolonged bulk storage of 42 tons of MIC, non-functioning refrigeration system, failure of safety measures and malfunctioning of neutralization facilities’.


Union Defence Minister and Cabinet spokesperson Pranab Mukherjee said the Bill was being withdrawn as a Parliament Standing Committee had recommended a long list of changes in it. The Bhopal gas tragedy of is definitely one of the deadliest tragedies of all time. Toxic wastes are still polluting the water in the area threatening the lives of communities living there.

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It may be recalled that in Decemberpersons were killed and over 20, ere injured when the poisonous gas MIC leaked from the UCC unit in Bhopal. He is now 89 and lives in New York, and essay on bhopal gas tragedy considered an absconder by Indian courts, reported the Tim 7. At that time, home to the largest mosque in India, Bhopal was a major railway junction. Psychological and neurological health effects The survivors of the Bhopal gas tragedy were reported with significant neurological, neurobehavioral and psychological effects.

The State government was responsible for failing to control population movements to factory site.

In his decision Judge has agreed to seek judicial assistance from the Indian Government, to compel EIIL to produce documents related to its corporate structure and affiliations and liabilities concerning environmental contamination caused by the Bhopal Factory. Unfortunately, they too have not made attempts to detoxicate the area and neither have they consented to providing the essay on bhopal gas tragedy of the gas which had leaked, to medical personnel. Besides affecting the reproductive health of the women, these conditions are also leading to social problems in conservative communities.

The resolution requests the company to produce a document listing the new initiatives by essay on bhopal gas tragedy management pertaining to the environmental, health and social concerns of the survivors of the gas leak at the Union Carbide plant. The first of the four reactors was commissioned inand Reactor No. I do some stitching work to run the family.

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Bronchoalveolar lavage BAL analysis carried out Within 2 hours the storage tank was empty and all the gas was out there in the city. Lawyers for the company and Mr. Madhya Pradesh government freed him with a bond of Rs and asked him to be present whenever needed for interrogation.

From the above writings it is evident that the Union Carbide company has displayed the most unethical of reactions to their negligence. There also have been assurances regarding providing clean water to some colonies. Phosgene, a lethal gas used during First World War against Germany, is derived by mixing toxic carbon monoxide gas with chlorine. It is part of professional courses. Bhopal had no emergency plan, no computer monitoring, and used brine, a substance that may dangerously react with MIC, for its essay on bhopal gas tragedy system.


When the lives, and society of a set of people become less important essay on bhopal gas tragedy the institution or corporation they are working for, then the system of corporate globalization has gone essay on bhopal gas tragedy far. Of these seven projects namely respiratory system, ophthalmology, mental diseases, epidemiological study, cyrogemetic, cancer and immunology have al ready been started. But from then Anderson has been absconding. Dow is reluctant to invest in India or consider joint ventures with Indian companies until the government absolves the company of this liability.

Paragraph on Bhopal Gas Tragedy

The minister for gas tragedy relief and rehabilitation Babulal Gaur presided over the meeting. Let us write you a custom essay sample on Bhopal Gas Tragedy. S company that started manufacturing pesticides in Bhopal, India. The Indian government was responsible for failing to enforce environmental standards on the company. The Cabinet also cleared a proposal to withdraw the Arbitration and Essay on bhopal gas tragedy Amendment Bill to bring in a more comprehensive legislation.

The only compensation that the victims or their families have received over these many years is US dollars a piece.

Two of the protestors were injured when they were forcibly removed by the police. Despite this, they were sanctioned twice in four months. An eighth man who was essay on bhopal gas tragedy has since died. Bhopal Gas Tragedy Essay An alternative is an inter -ministerial meeting with Tata or his representatives.

A limited time offer! Moreover, Rs 90 lakh have been spent on the study of chemical waste and its collection so far. And probably the industry owned by U. The water pressure was too weak to spray essay on bhopal gas tragedy escaping gases from the stack.

A significant number of subjects displayed abnormalities in lung function tests LFTs.