Introduction to flight simulation: Introduction to computational methods in fluid dynamics using commercial CFD codes; aspects of geometry modelling, structured and unstructured grid generation, solution strategy, and post processing; conversion of CAD to CFD models; an overview of basic numerical methods for the Navier Stokes equations with emphasis on accuracy evaluation and efficiency. Estimation of the levels of indoor air contaminants in buildings. Students learn building engineering design process, methodology, identification of objectives, building codes, formulation of design problems. Welcome to Reddit, the front page of the internet. Anybody has taken this class and give me any reviews?

Application of optimization methods for solution of design problems in building science, building environment, building structures, and construction management, taking into account sustainability issues. Elementary flows and their superposition, panel method for non lifting bodies. Bachelor —Technical writing, effective oral presentations MEng —Writing for professional and client audiences; creating professional looking documents MSc —Writing and research; designing your research question; organizing your thesis; literature reviews; avoiding plagiarism PhD —Contributing to the discipline; utilizing library research; optimizing the writing process; writing research articles; responding to criticism. I much preferred Queer Cinema over the earlier classes. Fluids Mechanics and Fluid Properties. Energy conservation, environmental constraints and sustainability issues. Mueller Breslau principle, influence lines.

Intended for students with potential interest in graduate programs. Resultant of force systems; equilibrium of particles and rigid bodies; distributed forces; statically determinate systems; trusses; friction; moments of inertia; virtual work. What do you like? Easy enough workload too. Impact of engineering design and industrial development on the environment. Stress analysis of thin walled metallic structures. Techniques treated include linear programming, network analysis, nonlinear programming.


Mission Courses Research Individualized program Engineering writing test. Concordia submitted 3 years ago by concordiastud.

FMST is hit or miss. Topics include organization of paragraphs and documents, abstracts, academic and professional writing styles, plagiarism and appropriate use of cited materials. Aerodynamic loading of elastic airfoils.

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Awareness of lifetime physical and mental wellness Physical Education Included in a degree or certificate program: ENGR, Cumulative damage in fatigue and creep. Structural instability of columns, beams, plates and flanges in compression and shear.

Energy transfer in turbomachines: The student s work must culminate in a final report, as well as an oral presentation. Case studies of successful and failed innovations are presented.


Concordia subscribe unsubscribe 4, readers 46 users here now The subreddit is about Concordia University-specific topics. Use the following guidelines to help choose the correct More information. Real dynamic systems are. Graduate Our Graduate Certificate in Innovation, Technology and Society provides you with an environment in which engineers and non-engineers work together to cultivate innovative processes across disciplines.

Dimensional analysis is a method for reducing the number and complexity of experimental variables that affect a given physical phenomena. Centre for Engineering in Society About the Centre. Skipp INST unless you’re early in your program.

Basis for limit states design.


BLDG previously or concurrently. Introduction to the design of timber members. Super boring if you already have basic research skills. Students complete an oral presentation and a major report.

Von Karman s ransonic small disturbance equation, transonic full potential equation, super encs 483 – creativity innovation and critical thinking in science and technology airfoils. Cultivation of a writing style firmly based on clear and critical thinking skills.

Fluids Mechanics and Fluid Properties. General design philosophy and the design process. Transient and steady state characteristics of dynamic systems. Introduction to finite element method. This course further expands on the students third industrial experience in their related field of study to further develop their knowledge and work related skills.

Review of piston, turboprop, turbojet and turbofan power plants. Systems may have internal structure. Technical communication using information technology: Submit a new text post. As discussed previously, most practical fluid mechanics problems More information.

Our graduate courses help advanced students develop their professional and academic communication skills. General introduction to the aural and visual environment. Students planning to register for this course should consult with the Department prior to term of planned registration.