Daughter of Fire has ratings and 16 reviews. Fascinating, although long and repetitive, diary of Irina Tweedie’s training with Bhai Sahib, her Sufi teacher in. 26 Nov After the death of her husband, Irina Tweedie embarked upon a quest to find inner peace, ending up in India at the feet of a Sufi Master. Irina Tweedie: Daughter of Fire. Dec 1, In the West the sun was setting in a sea of shimmering golden clouds. The whole world seemed to be illumined by.

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I stood for a while, enchanted. I could no nothing. Your email address will not be published.

Irina Tweedie: Daughter of Fire – Stillness Speaks

His eyes are half closed, for he came out into the sunshine, and he looks free and bold and tall, standing there as if hesitant, a mysterious longing like an aura around him Its a very detailed account and i wish i could say that there’s something in here I was not sure what i was going to make of this book. There is a big event Bhandara every year during Christmas and the following day Anki rated it it was amazing Jul 13, At night, she sleeps badly. You people do not even imagine.

With thanks daughter of fire irina tweedie Julie Burke for sharing this photo! Here is hidden the mystery of the Realization of God or Daughter of fire irina tweedie. It is known as “Bhogaun shariff”.

And the more you will give, the more you will receive; this is how the Essence works. This book was on my reading list for years. Never, never, to injure the feelings of anybody and never to create habits, is real Ahimsa. I read it again shortly afterwards. You must do it yourself, I will not help. Never, not even in its young days had this body known anything even faintly comparable, or similar to this!


Tweedie and her group. The sensation was painful, but the inexplicable thing was that the idea of intercourse did not even occur to me… The body was shaking, I was biting the pillow so as not to howl like wild animal. Tracey Dessert rated it it was amazing Sep 10, Prior to visiting India, Irina speaks very little of her past. You want everything, but are not prepared to make sacrifices, to pay the price.

And I nearly fall down when I salute him daughter of fire irina tweedie. Faith, will, and surrender are hallmarks of Sufism. Her body daughter of fire irina tweedie to shake violently, her skin is weeping sweat. Agustin rated it liked it Feb 18, I could feel it there distinctly. Bhandara is considered to be a day of grace.

And unlike men, the Teacher continues, women are already well attuned to this mystical relationship: I am telling you, showing you the way. He looks wonderful in it; he was just about to come down daughter of fire irina tweedie the steps of the Og, the clean, clear lines of it behind him in the background.

Irina Tweedie: Daughter of Fire

Born in in Russia, twefdie was educated in Vienna and Paris. As if this special peace always was and always would be, forever… Immediately, Bhai Sahib instructs her to keep a diary of her experiences.

I might have stopped reading here but decided to continue because the words she quotes of her Bhai Sahib are insightful and challenging to personal understanding. She loved the area while alive, as it reminded her of the Himalayas. Unlike the revival in the East of the universal Mother immanent in all creation, the Post Modernist world had deconstructed all philosophical and religious belief into meaningless abstractions: Daughter of Fire is an amazing read with great insights of the path of spiritual development and the relationship with the student and the guide, surrender of the ego and the purification of the heart, leading to surrender and union with God.


Dispelling superstition, the importance of listening to intuition, and the Jungian process of individuation are only a few of the highlights of this work.

Not only Western people, I mean Indians too… Learn daughter of fire irina tweedie be nothing, this is the only way. God must be forced; such must be the attitude that he cannot help to grant His Grace to the Devotee. Fascinating, although long and repetitive, diary of Irina Tweedie’s training with Bhai Sahib, her Sufi teacher in the Nakshmandia line of Sufism.

We will daughter of fire irina tweedie share your email address with anyone else, ever. Nov daughter of fire irina tweedie, Suzy rated it it was amazing. By the time we reach the twentieth century in the West, the belief in an immanent Reality for most people was on shaky ground.

This is a book that can change your life. Mrs Tweedie Early Interview.

Irina Tweedie – Part One (Daughter Of Fire) on Vimeo

daughter of fire irina tweedie Its a very detailed account and i wish i could say that there’s something in here for everyone, but i think that it really focuses on the struggle, the truly massive amount of energy, thought, and daily focus and commitment that it takes iirina train. So many nuggets of wisdom, two of my favorites: May the Light become visible in each one of us.

The reader cannot help but live in the world of the author as she describes her failings and triumphs.