Students will read literary works in a variety of genres narratives, poems, sermons, plays, stories, and novels that reflect the emerging nation? The course covers major modern works of fiction and drama, including such literary forms as the play, the novel of ideas, and the utopian novel. Topics include themes and style, different types of games and platforms, systemic storytelling, linear vs. Students will investigate the challenges involved with the process of bringing a script to the stage through reading, discussion, and exploration of ongoing productions. I This course will examine the appropriate dissemination of scientific information in common science writing genres such as science journalism, consulting reports and white papers, and policy and procedure documents.

II This advanced seminar in creative writing includes sustained attention to the writing of fiction, poetry, and short prose forms among other genres, culminating in final projects essay, play, poem, story, or some combination thereof determined by individual interest and in consultation with the instructor. Students who have taken RH cannot receive credit for this course. This course will be offered in , and in alternating years thereafter. In a workshop setting, students will write and revise documents that promote broad understanding of scientific research and analysis of specialized knowledge. The purpose of this course therefore is two-fold. I An investigation into the development of American drama from its beginnings to the present. Students learn to use the technical writing process to create user-centered documents that combine text, graphics, and visual formatting to meet specific information needs.

The small town of Concord, Mass. Topics covered may include the 3 dimensions of character, growth and development of the player-character and creative writing wpi characters, dialogue, character relationships and evoking emotions through rhetorical tropes.

This course will be offered inand in alternating years thereafter. Students create a portfolio of both hardcopy and online documentation, using professional tools such as FrameMaker, Acrobat, and RoboHelp. The creative writing wpi treat love, travel, humor, work, adventure, madness, creative writing wpi self-discovery; the novelists may include Fielding, Austen, Dickens, Eliot, Wodehouse, and Woolf.

This course will be offered inand in alternating years thereafter. I This introductory course will give the student an understanding of the forms of drama, the styles of theatre performance and production, and the emergence of new forms and styles.

Creative Writing

This course introduces the fundamental principles of technical communication, and the tools commonly used in the technical writing profession.


Where creative writing wpi, the topical theme of the class will be provided via the Registrar’s office. Attention will be given to the local contexts of these writings as well as to each writer’s contributions to the larger continuum of American Literature.

WR Elements of Writing or equivalent writing courses. The course will operate as a series of student projects in which students create scientific documents from major disease categories.

We will examine such genres as the experimental article, news reports, medical advice, profiles, commentary, and public health messages. This course emphasizes the standard written genres of professional, workplace communication. Writing and class discussion will be integral parts of this course. II This writing-intensive course covers concepts and skills necessary creative writing wpi write creative writing wpi implement narrative in interactive media and games.

This community and its highly individualistic writers remain national icons in the 21st century. Topics will include the literature of travel and discovery, the faith of the colonial founders, the quest for a distinctive national literature, and the rise of early American creative writing wpi. Offerings may include generally themed courses covering multiple genres of interest or more specialized creative writing wpi in single genres of focus such as fiction, poetry, playwriting, or short prose forms.

Students will study plays such as Hamlet, Richard III, and The Winter’s Tale alongside accounts creative writing wpi surgeons, doctors, midwives, and others who diagnosed, dissected, and sometimes cured. The incredibly rich literature that soon followed creative writing wpi an “American Renaissance”. II This course examines the formation and history of the African American literary tradition from slave narratives to contemporary forms in black popular culture.

II A survey of major modern British authors. This course will help students improve their own writing and read their own and others? Creative writing wpi who have taken RH cannot receive credit for this course. This course will examine how people from differing cultural backgrounds communicate, in similar and different ways among themselves, and how they endeavor to communicate across cultures.

I This survey course covers developments in American literature, particularly the movement towards Realism, during the period of turbulent change between the end of the Civil War and the early years of the twentieth century.

Students will write short analytical papers that critically assess various creative writing wpi and communicative approaches. How do these radical re-workings of Shakespeare enrich our understanding of his original stories? Students will work in a laboratory situation functioning as a micro-professional theatre which could develop a production that would be staffed and dramaturged from the group. Attention to theatre movements that reflect contemporary issues will be included, and creative writing wpi groups that have operated with textual revision, minimal text, or no texts will be considered.


It looks at many modes of visual communication, such as icons, logos, trademarks, signs, product packaging, infographics, posters, billboards, ads, exhibits, graffiti, page layout, films, television, videogames, and web sites.

WR or WR Creative writing wpi will also focus on the reading and discussion of exemplary works across genres, with an emphasis on contemporary practice. Topics will include the rebellion against post bellum sentimentalism, the rise of regional writing, the emerging literature of social protest, and literary responses to advances in science, industry, and urban life.

WPI: Rhetoric and Writing

Emphasis will be placed on the way moral issues creative writing wpi within the complications of individual lives, as depicted in fiction. This course will focus on one Shakespearean tragedy as well as modern versions of this play. Foundational life sciences courses with emphasis in anatomy and physiology are also recommended. The course will explore some genres of African Creative writing wpi writing and their relation to American literature and to black creative writing wpi expression.

Then, through hands-on creative writing wpi exercises and extensive revision of their own and others? Students learn to use the technical writing process to create user-centered documents that combine text, graphics, and visual formatting to meet specific information needs. I Emerson challenged the young nation in “The American Scholar” Previous experience in the fundamentals of writing for interactive media and games, such as that provided by IMGD Students who have received credit for this course may not receive credit for EN It is intended to help students become more effective communicators by learning about the rhetorical situation and various rhetorical techniques, and it is designed to help them understand how various forms of communication work by learning some of the philosophies and strategies of rhetorical analysis.