The choice is yours! This graphic organizer ensures that their sentence includes a subject When? Designed for KS4 and makes use of a range of interesting extracts and includes model answers. Worksheet doc, 26 KB. You can print out a copy for your students, or share them the digital file and have them create digital notes. Lesson plan pptx, KB.

Unseen Poetry – Analysing Language! Each lesson focuses on a different skill for students to learn and improve on. Artificial Intelligence Today, we are going to talk about artificial intelligence. May 20, Updated: There are 10 challenges of 4 questions each, the challenges are designed to be progressively more difficult to allow an element of differentiation. Activity ppt, 9 MB.

Lesson plan pptx, KB. About this resource Info Created: Ideal for KS4 but with language rich enough for KS3 to enjoy the drama of the piece.

Magical tools for literary magic. Designed for KS4 and makes use of a range of interesting extracts and includes model answers. It appears the kil It follows this learning journey: Resources Home Secondary English Creative writing.

Narrative Writing Pack

Each lesson has differentiated learning objectives, challenge activities, extension activities and most have creative writing tes ks4 for lower ability students. Students complete creative writing tes ks4 booklet by writing their own film trailer treatment exemplar provided in booklet and producing a mixed genre film trailer. Key Stage 4 4. This unit is creative writing tes ks4 used in classrooms that have Smart boards and Chromebooks or iPads available to the students.


Feb 2, Updated: Use the style you like. Structure and Content Student friendly PowerPoint providing them with a structured approach to their writing, and offering suggestions for improving their writing, espec The idea was just to get the ch Lesson plan pptx, KB. In particular, they define and understand each of the key language devices, practice identifying them in poems and analyse their effectiveness upon the reader.

The lesson contains a balance of reading and writing tasks. I share this ppt with the students at the beginning of the year and they choose one topic each month.

Contains powerpoint lessons, medium term plan, text extracts and samp Can easily be adapted. Lots of active tasks Activity doc, 29 KB. It became known as the Black Death. A powerpoint supporting classroom preparation of the descriptive writing controlled assessment. The rhymes have humorous themes and gradually reduced support; the haiku guide leaves the theme open.

IB Language and Literature: AQA Language Paper 1: Presentation ppt, 4 Creative writing tes ks4.


The whole presentation contains 23 slides and hyperlinks are embedded creative writing tes ks4 for ease of navigation. Macbeth Year 8 Scheme of Work An SOW for yr 8 although could be used for 7 or 9 with a variety of resources aimed at reading and writing skills. The booklet entails key terminology needed when writing to describe and 20 example exam questions. Includes a useful pronunciation creative writing tes ks4 and a dictionary-based vocabulary task. It has suggested topics i.

Unit of work docx, 13 KB. These lessons are suitable for Part 1: Stories from other cultures. Unit of work docx, KB. Worksheet docx, KB.

Creative Writing: KS3, KS4 GCSE English Resources ǀ Tes

Other resources by this author. Worksheet docx, 18 KB.

Unit of work doc, 62 KB. Worksheet Resources to encourage pupils to make informed choices about their use of narrator and narrative in their creative writing. It is one of their favorite tasks. Worksheet doc, 26 KB.