This would be a really weird stimulus if it ever occurred. You want to consider whether your creative piece is focused on a small slot of ordinary time, or is it covering years in span? If this post is crazy helpful, then you should share it with your friends on Facebook. The quotations will usually be very short, or will be leading sentences. In order to make it your central element, it is always a good idea to ensure the marker knows that you are making the link with adapting elements of your creative piece. Or so you thought.

Omissions — though it is a self-portrait, Tom Storrier portrays himself without a face. I already feel a reaction to the pompous nature of the pair! It was rare to hear silence at the Holmes household. Body Language — Storrier is going forth, holding his hand in exploration. Write to please just one person.

Typically, short quotations or statements are used as the first sentence of a piece. Use amazing alliteration see what I did there.

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Use beautiful imagery that intrigues a reader. Does your bedroom have patterned fabric hanging from the walls and a bleached patch on the floor from when you spilled nail polish remover? Do the other characters change their tone when they are in the presence creative writing stimulus hsc discovery this one character? Some of the most wonderful short stories focus on the creative writing stimulus hsc discovery that is unique to ordinary life but is perpetually overlooked or underappreciated.

Click here for more. Never use a metaphor, simile, or other figure of speech which you are used to seeing in print.


You ultimately want your creative writing to take your marker to a new place, a new world, and you want them to feel creative writing stimulus hsc discovery though they understand it like they would their own kitchen. Give your readers as much information as possible as soon as possible. This does not mean that you need to use the sentence as your first sentence.

Have you ever wondered why it talks in there? This orients where your story should start.

This is definitely something you could use in your HSC creative writing. Are you flashing back between the past and the creative writing stimulus hsc discovery Or so you thought. Whilst the fact that Discoveries can be sudden and unexpected and that the ramification of Discoveries may differ for individuals and their world, it is clear from the beginning that Jessica moving interstate will have an effect on her.

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This is boring because the reader is being fed every detail that they could have synthesised from being told the age alone. Creative writing stimulus hsc discovery want to create a work that shows that you know what makes a great text — you study them all year. The Ultimate Guide to Creative Writing. Storrier is setting out to make a discovery into how to develop as an artist due to the tools he carries.

A last message popped up upon Steam Messenger, a faceless avatar hiding behind a few pixels upon the darkened screen. A last message popped up upon Steam Messenger: This will come in the form of a quotation or a sentence. Futhermore, gender can be substituted, although also undesirable. This is grimacing, simple, intriguing.


You study texts all year and you know what makes a text stand out. You creative writing stimulus hsc discovery use it….

How To Adapt Your HSC Creative Writing to Any Exam Stimulus

By knowing what the image means from answering the two questions from above, you will be able to link it back to Creative writing stimulus hsc discovery. Did you grow up in another country, where the air felt different and the smell of tomatoes reminded you of Sundays? If you are running out of breath before you finish a sentence — you need to cut back.

There is no correct word count range. The past tense can be reflective, recounting, or perhaps just the most natural tense to write in. Do they have painted nails, but the pinky nail is always painted a different colour? Write to please just one person. No products in the cart. What is important is that you are willing to shave away the crusty edges of the cake so that you can present it in the most effective and smooth icing you have to offer. This final note from Vonnegut shows creative writing stimulus hsc discovery what most of you dread: