ePHOTOzine has partnered up with to bring you a selection of Contax Tvs instruction manuals and related photographic literature for. 25 Jan Hello I just bought contax tvs film one and cannot find nowhere manual in english . i found only japanese one. Do anybody have link to manual. 18 Apr It may sound stupid (expecially when you use the TVS for one year) but I have just discovered that in the manual-focus mode, you have some.

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But it has been designed well so that a half press to mahual is a mere hair trigger that needs almost no pressure. But what about the images?

contax Tvs manual

In manual mode it becomes a centre weighted reflective spot meter. So in summary the Contax TVS is a pleasure to use.

It looks like this…. The Contax TVS is a fancy compact zoom camera from the mid nineties. A particular concern with the Contax tvs manual is a thin micro ribbon cable connecting the lens to the camera body.

None of the Contax contax tvs manual have a reputation for mqnual reliability and they are all long beyond realistic service.

Notify me of new posts by email. It takes one CR battery which seems to last forever if you go easy on the flash. But the first film did not work out. Additionally, if you would like to contribute a post of your own to 35mmc, click here! Certainly from the model T, which has a prime lens, the results really are very sharp. If nowt else I think i need to get rid of some unused cameras first: In the off position the lens retracts right into the camera body then extends a few inches out as you contax tvs manual.


Contax TVS III Instruction Manual | Page 9

When the TVS came out in most of the big camera makers were competing to outdo each other at the luxury end of the compact market. The answer related with the DOF button contax tvs manual just to illustrate how I can be long to discover a new function on a camera, it has no direct connection with my TVS I have the first film version which is not an SLR.

Yeah, having looked more am going to take my time contax tvs manual the contax SLR thing. These were all portra overexposed a stop or two apart from the banal one of the contax tvs manual rail which is cinestill included that to show meter accuracy.

Contax TVS Digital Instruction Manual

No fiddling back through menus every time you start up. To be honest it contax tvs manual me a little while to get used to using the lens tab for zooming. More critical than any of that is the fact that this camera, like most contax tvs manual its type, is probably living on borrowed time.

But here on 35mmc objectivity is only ever part of the story. Edited by Sonny Boy Havidson member 7 years ago.


Sonny Boy Havidson 7 years ago. For me it can help to see which contax tvs manual has been metered has I am realy weird manuak using an AF in tricky situations but in most situation, it is just luxury but it confirm that the TVS was really designed has a contax tvs manual Contax G and can be pleasant for rangefinder users.

You Might Also Like. May I ask which film was used?

Overview Discussions Tvx Members Map. The left panel shows the flash mode and exposure compensation setting while the right one shows the current frame number. It contax tvs manual the ultimate travel camera with stunning lenses and handling.

Focus is set with the dial on the right and has options for autofocus, 0. Reply Dan James September 12, at 7: The TVS is not for everyone and not for every photographic situation but, contax tvs manual days, I think there are lots of good subjective reasons to consider it. Whether they fail mechanically or, more likely, electronically the chances are they will fail beyond repair in the not too distant future.

That being accidentally stuck on a minus is the only reason I can think of for the problem.