See the datasheet for the MPPS information for each model. Q. Do the Cisco Catalyst X and X Series Switches consume less power than the Cisco . The Cisco Catalyst X Series with StackWise Plus technology provides scalability, ease of management and investment protection for the evolving business. Are you looking for a new switch that enhances worker productivity by enabling applications such as encryption, IP telephony, wireless, and video? Do you need .

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Cisco Catalyst 3750X-24T-S – switch – 24 ports – managed – rack-mountable Series

The PoE MIB provides proactive visibility into power usage and allows customers to set different power-level thresholds. Cisco StackWise Plus technology is built on the highly successful industry leading StackWise technology, which is a premium stacking architecture optimized for GbE.

Entered email is not valid. A working stack can accept new members or delete old ones without service interruption. FNF is a networking monitoring technology. 375x IP Services feature set is required. Cisco EnergyWise enables companies to measure the power consumption of network infrastructure and network-attached devices and manage power consumption with specific policies, reducing power consumption to realize increased cost savings, potentially affecting any powered device.

In the event of discontinuance of product manufacture, Cisco warranty support is limited to 5 years from the announcement of discontinuance. The master switch automatically creates and updates all the switching and optional routing tables. Cisco control-plane and data-plane QoS ACLs on all ports help ensure proper marking on a per-packet basis. During peak work hours, most wired client devices use their network connections with infrequent bursts.

It offers flexibility with the user being able to define flows. Statistical maximum to account for variation in production. Hardware warranty commences from the date of shipment to customer and in case of resale by a Cisco reseller, not more than 90 days dqtasheet original shipment by Cisco. A wide variety of devices can appear on darasheet network, both wired switches, routers, IP phones, PCs, access points, controllers, video digital media players, 3750c so on and wireless mobile devices, wireless tags, rogues, and so on.


Cisco Catalyst X and X Series Switches Data Sheet

When network access is intelligent, it knows the identity of the user, as well as where the user is on the network. Each switch in the stack can serve as a master, creating a 375×0 Static routing 16 routes with LAN Base feature set. Location services answer business-critical questions cksco both mobile assets and the users of those assets regardless of whether those assets are connecting using wired or wireless, and datssheet directly improve their organization’s profitability.

You can view all models with:. EnergyWise encompasses a highly intelligent network-based approach to communicate messages that measure and control energy between network devices and endpoints. Available on Cisco Catalyst X Series Switches, MACsec provides Layer 2, line rate Ethernet data confidentiality and integrity on host facing ports, protecting against man-in-the-middle attacks snooping, tampering, and replay.

This application also features an intuitive GUI where users can easily apply common services across Cisco switches, routers, and access points, such as: The Cisco Catalyst X and X enhance productivity by enabling applications such as IP telephony, wireless, and video for borderless network experience.

Max Units In A Stack. Cisco Auto Smartports visco automatic configuration as devices connect to the switch port, allowing auto detection and plug and play of the device onto the network. It provides an extensive library of easy-to-use features to automate the initial and day-to-day management of your Cisco network infrastructure. Cisco Smart Install is a transparent plug and play technology to configure the 375×0 IOS Software image and switch configuration without user intervention.

Be respectful, keep it civil and stay on topic. These switches provide high availability, scalability, security, energy efficiency, and ease of operation with innovative features such as IEEE This application also features an intuitive GUI where users can easily datashert common services across Cisco switches, routers, and access points, such as:.

  DIN 1055-4 PDF

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Each switch can operate both as master controller and as forwarding processor. IP Services feature set is required. Other high-availability features include but are not limited to: Cisco Catalyst X and X Series primary features: Smart Multicast, with Cisco StackWise Plus technologyallows the Cisco Catalyst X Series to offer greater efficiency and support for more multicast data streams such as video by putting each data packet onto the backplane only once.

Cisco’s Borderless Networks architecture addresses primary IT and business challenges to help create a truly borderless experience by bringing interactions closer to the employee and customer. The internal power supply is an autoranging unit.

TAC Support Cisco will provide during business hours, 8 hours per day, 5 days per week basic configuration, diagnosis, and troubleshooting of device-level problems for up to a day period from the date of shipment of the originally purchased Cisco Catalyst X or X product.

Networking by Lori Grunin Oct 3, Cisco Catalyst X Series primary features: Noise emission for a typical configuration Maximum: Cisco standard and extended IP security router ACLs define security policies on routed interfaces for control-plane and data-plane traffic. The default switch configuration doesn’t include the uplink module; at the time of switch purchase the customer has the flexibility to choose from the network modules described in Table.

These switches provide high availability, scalability, security, energy efficiency, and ease of operation with innovative features such as Cisco StackPower available only on the Catalyst XIEEE Cisco Catalyst Smart Operations Easy to use deployment and control features Advanced, intelligent network management tools Cisco Catalyst Smart Operations Cisco Catalyst Smart Operations is a comprehensive set of capabilities that simplify LAN deployment, configuration, and troubleshooting.