How Do I Find a Blog?

Woman reading a blog on computerShan, a reader, asked “How do you find blogs to read, is there  someplace that lists them by topic?” This post is a longer version of my answer to that question. They liked my first post explaining what blogs are (I used the analogy of a newspaper column or a magazine columnist). So I wrote a quick answer in the comments, then am expanding it here – figuring that she is not the only one with the question: how do I find blogs of interest to me. There are several ways to find a list of blogs on topics of interest: Continue reading

Why Do We Blog?

Why do We blog - motorcycle vanity license plate "WHY"I’m curious to discover why DO we blog? Why are 1.44 million of us sitting at computers typing 500 to 1500 words on average, in hopes that someone else will sit at a computer and read them. We further hope that people will leave a comment; share our work with their networks, friends and connections; or take some other action on our site. Please let me know your main and secondary reasons for blogging in the comments; I know they can be complicated and inter-related. I’d love to hear your answers below. Continue reading


What is the Why Do We Blog Project?

Woman with laptop outdoors at sunsetHello, I’m Cathy Larkin and this site – Why Do We Blog – is just the initial foray into an exciting new online project – On this site, I’ll be exploring, through interviews, why so many people sit at a computer and reach out across the internet – through the medium of written words – to find others who want to sit at another computer and read what they wrote, and sometimes to then interact (via comments or posting on social networking sites) – again through an exchange of written words.

Here are two blog posts by others to get you thinking about this subject:

  • Blogger Jeff Bullas recently surveyed almost 400 bloggers asking  Why Do You Blog? Here is his post with the results:
  • Autumn Morris of wrote a post noting that: “BlogPulse reports that 144,275,043 blogs currently live on the web with 57,472 new blogs created in the last 24 hours.” While she notes that not all of those 1.4 million blogs are active, it confirmed my thinking – that a lot of us are doing it – and why is it that so many people are sitting down and typing a way in a room of their own and connecting to something larger via this thing we call the internet, and these tools we call smart phones? Her full post is here:

I’ve always been fascinated by people, and this site is also inspired in part by Studs Terkel’s book “Working: What People Do All Day and How They Feel About It” and by the interviews of Terry Gross, the host of NPR/WHYY radio’s Fresh Air.


This site will also have information on how to blog – both beginner and advanced.


For more about who I am and about this site – check the about us page as well. You can also find me at my main blog and on Twitter at @CathyWebSavvyPR and @WhyDoWeBlog.