How Do I Find a Blog?

Woman reading a blog on computerShan, a reader, asked “How do you find blogs to read, is there  someplace that lists them by topic?” This post is a longer version of my answer to that question. They liked my first post explaining what blogs are (I used the analogy of a newspaper column or a magazine columnist). So I wrote a quick answer in the comments, then am expanding it here – figuring that she is not the only one with the question: how do I find blogs of interest to me. There are several ways to find a list of blogs on topics of interest: Continue reading

An Answer to What is a Blog Anyway?

A Blog is Like A Magazine or Newspaper Column

waht is a blog - character with question mark in hand standing on laptop keyboardDo you get asked, “What is a blog anyway?” I found a new answer to that question (it should work especially well for those over age 30 or so). A blogger is like a magazine or newspaper columnist, and a blog is kind of like a newspaper or magazine column, but on the Internet, instead of a hard copy publication. Instead of having to convince an editor or publication to publish their column, a blogger (i.e.columnist) can put up their own blog online for anyone to read (i.e a column). Like columns – blogs are usually a mix of opinion and facts/useful information. Continue reading