Find solutions to your bugera v5 schematic question. Get free help, tips & support from top experts on bugera v5 schematic related issues. Dressed in classic two-tone vinyl, running on one power and one preamp valve and featuring bone-simple controls, the BUGERA. V5 looks like a carefully. Schematic – without Effect-Module BDM2 V5. 4. 5. V5″. 9. 2. 7. 3. V4. 4. 5. V4″. R R C6. C C7. D5. D6. D7. D8. D9. D10 . Bugera Vintage22 (V22).

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Oh, yeah, the PT numbers: But I don’t want to lose the existing character of the Bugera V5 because it doesn’t sound like anything else that I own I just want it to be more versatile.

Links to Bugera schematics

The speaker in the Bugera and the Crate are both not great the Schemxtic is real bad the Bugera is dark. Feb 9, 7. Was an easy fit, getting the extra cap on the board. All the numbers are right on. I would rip the scgematic out of there, if indeed there is a pan, because I like pedals, and I don’t want to learn how to put a reverb in a circuit. At least as far as the stock preamp tube is concerned my amp ran much quieter schematoc sounded far better after I replaced if with the Tung-sol 12AX7.


There are plenty of highs now and it really growls when overdriven. Ed ZacharyMay 12, I’m thinking I might gut it and stick a better circuit in there. Here are a couple of photos I stole. If they are, or if the output transformer is cooked, will it just not work when I fire it up after replacing R6 or will it cause even more damage?

And a bat to beat the grin off your face! Do you already have an account? May 10, I blew F1 fuse, as well. Just need it for some comparative studies.

Keep in mind the more the pot is turned up, the less influence the bright cap will have. Questions Before I start dismantling and chopping, a few questions about trannies: I was wondering if anyone has the schematics to the new Bugera V5 amplifier. Night and day difference! I mean placing the caps on the middle lugs of the gain and vol.

Shematic have a good idea the values but want to verify.

Tweaking the Bugera V5 Circuit | Telecaster Guitar Forum

Cover any unused holes with a new faceplate and you’re good to go. Buger v5 mods sm. I’m using pf for both the gain and volume. But what I don’t know is if the circuitboard is the same as the old v5. To be completely fair opening the amp up tonally wasn’t the only reason for or benefit gained from tube and speaker swaps.


Seems to be a closely guarded secret. I never use the attenuator really bad!

MittSep 13, No need to relocate it. As far as tone, op amps in the front end bugfra to a cold sound to me so I would get rid of it. Log in or Sign up. Mine is quiet, except for the usual hum from single coils. Users browsing this forum: I’ve been trying to make my Bugera V5 a little brighter making the Tone control a little more usefulwithout completely changing the character of the amp I don’t want to turn it into a Champion for example.

TubeDaddyMar 28, I didn’t realize the resistor values for the V5 are printed under the resistor on the bugers itself because of the black soot.

Bugera V5 >>> 5F1 Conversion

I like the op-amp being there because I can schhematic around it while leaving the tube portion of the circuit pretty much intact. Oct 9, Any of the VJ conversions would probably work with it.

How to fix the Hums Mains? I’m not an amp tech but rather a hobbyist.