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Certifications The purpose of our certifications is to enable individuals to test the specialized knowledge and skills they need to deliver high-quality Bizagi projects successfully.

Fill in the Help desk ticket’s details. You can also make the diagram tidier by resizing the lanes by clicking the Help desk process Pooland then relying on standard mouse resizing options to shorten its height. Select the Required property and, from its drop-down, select Yes.

Bizagi Maintenance

From the presented possible values, for the Ticket resolved? Clicking the New button directly is a shortcut to create a new expression of the “Standard” type. When you click New entitya new wizard appears, in which you can define the structure of Severity as a separate entity. Label the End Event End – Ticket is closed.

Bizagi Elearning – Free online training and certifications

At this point, you should see the currently used default Bizagi system user admonas well as the one you created. Click Close when done and then log out with this user:. Click the Processes module, which is the first one in the list at the left, and locate the Help desk process. The process starts when a requester fills out a ticket to seek for assistance using a Report ticketas depicted by the simplified Help desk flow.


Set the condition to evaluate the user’s role, but this time define a new role called ” Requester”. The agent will be able to add any additional documentation comments for review purposes.

Detailed description, Severity, and Ticket attachments. No results are displayed, because case security, which you configured through Bizagi Studio, is working effectively not allowing an unathorized user to view details of a case not assigned to that user. If you want to deploy your application and test it in the cloud, refer to the next section. When the window closes, your visual representation of the Help desk data model has two entities, and displays how they are related:.

Click Expert in the upper ribbon to move out of the Process Wizard and into an advanced view based on modules. To verify and test the Help desk process within the Development environment, follow these steps:.

Be your best with our tailored training, based on the perfect blend of your skills and needs. When you click the pending activity, you see the UI for it, as you designed in Bizagi Studio. Start by clicking Alarms the first of the sub-items. Then click the logged-in user’s avatar at the upper right corner and click Log out:. Each instance of a Help Desk entity will have an attribute of type Severity to store the level of severity of the case. This time, the Help desk process is accessible through the list of Recent processes:.


This tutorial sets you up with the basics of producing a simple yet fully-functional process, considering a secure design, and through ten steps which you can complete within about an hour. Prove what you have learned with a formal recognition. You have now built your ibzagi application in Bizagi, offering a sample process, previewed it, and bizayi that it would work property for an end user in a Production environment.

For this tutorial, set a hour duration for Analyze and resolve. If you want to review this ready-to-use process, or others, futorial the Bizagi Process Xchange. Close the Process Modeler and click Yes when prompted to save changes:. At this point, see the four users you created, plus the default internal system user admon:.

Inputted values or changes to them are temporarily saved, and permanently saved when you save the whole process diagram. Click the drop-down list for the Assignation method and change it to Sequential. You return to the process diagram view for the forms. Click Add to define two new String attributes.

Click New user to repeat the same steps to create a fourth tutorail final user.