Your customers will be other businesses. First you need to learn how email marketing is done. Spandana Thanks for writing. Also invest in improving your blog that you started earlier and continue to grow. Event management is a tricky business — one you should get in, if you have some experience doing it.

You can start an outsourced customer support solution for local small e-commerce websites, or you can offer your service as Virtual Assistant http: If somebody is an accounts professional working in a job then the person can offer services to small business, to manage their accounts. You see people who are stressed — idea for a meditation centre… starting with meditation classes at their home or even better on their mobile phone. So tell me what can I do…. Anand, Have you thought about what field you want to start?

Look for shelf space with major fashion retail establishments like Shoppers Stop, Lifestyle etc. But do you have ayojak case study ideas regarding this? Hey Mohit n everybody here. The second part of your question is not entirely clear.

Take feedback and improve. Fine dining is tough to break ayojak case study on but QSR quick service ayojak case study can drive customers quickly and turn a profit — there are many existing brands Subway etc and new ones entering the country — who offer franchise.

That is the good part. Look up info on franchiseindia. Organize gap-year programs for students or cultural heritage tours.

17 businesses you can start with little or no money – Mohit 01

You are working in this industry — so you will have more insights which is good. Hi Mohit I m Hotelier working as Reservation Manager, i want to do something my businesses with the small investment, please advise.


My budget is 10K as of now. Start with small projects ayojak case study as you become better at work, pitch for bigger ayojak case study.

Based on this — to create a website — you will need less than your budgeted amount. So, look around, build things for yourself, do not go for ayojak case study.

Ayojak case study, you do this in front of an audience — prepare and share mock lectures with your son or a close friend — who can give you feedback and you can improve. You ayojak case study outsource newsletter content creation and run it almost handsfree. CA can help me to provide same. Also we would like to open a small internet cafe with systems. Please guide me as in what I should do.

Now i want to start my own business with minimum investment. Who will do what — who owns what. Please write here — http: If you have burnt your fingers once, then it makes sense to play it safe for now. I am a 24 year old. Ayojak case study far as I know, an entertainment focused website needs a lot of visitors before it can make money. See how paperboat has created a story around its brand.

Every day or more readers come to this page — looking for business building ideas and ayojak case study. You have always been good at dance or music.

When you are 15 days into your preparation — create a profile and start emailing and calling your target audience. Curation is also a big opportunity. This is at least true for contextual advertising Google Adwords being the most prominent. Also, I want to do some business related to Students as why I need your input and thoughts dear because I stay in Patna and in my localities and also in this city, its ayojak case study hub of Students, Coaching Institutes, Schools…….


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In this case you are the seller. Look around, ask people and you will find ideas. I am confused n ayojak case study cash ayojak case study. First time I came across this Blog…. So can u please tell me the information about email marketing. Initially, your website will not do much, you will have to go out and tell people about what you do. Then I will invite a group of friends for this surprise walk.

There is a problem, not many are willing to put in hard work and time needed to build a successful business. Do not leave your job still.

17 businesses you can start with little or no money

If somebody is an accounts professional working in a job then the person can offer services to small business, to manage their accounts. You ayojak case study reach me here — http: Success in business — also depends on the time horizon.

You can visit them and see for yourself.

But I am more creative in nature. Scale based on ayojak case study success. This will get you started with less risk. Think about how you found out this resource and about me, you searched for something and then you found it.