Axxon Intellect Lite is your right choice if you need reliable, easy to use software to manage your CCTV system and point of sales. Handling up to cameras. Intellect Lite is a 4-server version of the Intellect Enterprise software package Intellect Lite is ideal solution for small and midsized sites. With POS monitoring. Axxon Intellect Lite is a fully functioning version of the Axxon Intellect Enterprise software package’s video subsystem, which supports an interactive map of the.

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Investigation Upload a picture, snapshot or photo-fit and quickly find suspects and related video episodes.

Retail Combine video monitoring and checkout transactions monitoring. Face Intellect is well suited for public spaces, infrastructure sites with critical access control needs, retail outlets, HoReCa and gambling establishments. AxxonSoft is a leading software developer that combines IP-based physical security information management PSIMintelligent video analytics, video management inttellect, facial recognition, POS and road traffic monitoring, and an enterprise-wide platform into fully integrated vertical and horizontal solutions.

Retail and HoReCa Safety and asset loss prevention: The purpose of Axxon Intellect Enterprise is to help your business attain a higher level of security than ever before — with less cost, and less effort. Axxon Intellect Enterprise PSIM Software Imagine the Possibilities Imagine a system that no longer needs a security guard to physically watch every camera, monitor or sensor so you can catch improper behavior or initiate axxxon when an incident occurs.

AxxonSoft software has been installed at the facilities of Autonet Group, the leading provider of automotive components and spare parts in Central and Eastern Europe. Search video footage You can quickly intlelect faces that match a intllect, video image or photo-fit, and jump to event video.


The POS transaction monitoring module is an effective tool for reducing losses at points of sale, evaluating the work of cashiers, and monitoring payment for purchases. And, because Axxon Intellect Enterprise is an integrated IP-based platform, you increase the value of your existing systems and avoid the cost and effort of replacing legacy systems.

Imagine all this…with extreme simplicity, flexibility, and scalability. When it determines a given degree of similarity high or lowit triggers the system to lock or unlock a door, send an alert to security personnel, and so on.

Axxon Intellect Lite Product Overview.

Putting Security for life into action. Vanderbilt ACT complete access control and video management solution.

Not a member yet? AxxonSoft Axxon Next 3. It’s extremely flexible, so you get all the functionality and capabilities you need without paying for features you don’t want. Become an Axxon partner. A single operator can cover several checkpoints. Share buttons are a little bit lower.

Stay signed in Forgot your password? We have enjoyed strong engagement with AxxonSoft for a long time and will continue to foster business communication and strengthen technical integration so that our cameras increase their prevalence in AxxonSoft installations. The purpose of Axxon Intellect Enterprise is to help your business attain a higher level of liet than ever before — with less cost, and less effort.

Axxon – Bizplanet Solution Pte Ltd

All Regions Including Int’l. Stay signed in Forgot your password? It also has the capability intsllect distil and present information to support smart, timely decision-making.

Do not show this again. Intellect Enterprise Physical security information management software platform Learn more. Published by Trevor Virgil Powers Modified over 3 years ago.

Stay signed in Liet your password? January 31, Please be informed that Bizplanet office has moved the address Nearest AxxonSoft’s office at your location. Sign up now for full access to SourceSecurity.

With support for up to 48 cameras, XProtect Express is easy and affordable IP video surveillance software with. Sign up now to:. Thanks to exciting innovations from AxxonSoft, the Axxon Next platform has reached a whole new level of performance, reliability, efficiency, functionality and accessibility. Browsing from the Americas? The cost of remote workstation software for Axxon Intellect Lite inhellect also reduced, while the number inellect workstations and video cameras in the system is unlimited.


Scene detection tools and retail analytics solutions. The company’s 1, Austrian stores employ 38, employees. Security staff can easily find important video footage of past events, analyze recorded video with special video analytic tools, perform remote real-time video surveillance, and create automatic reaction scripts for handling alarm events. Users on tight budgets will appreciate the free version of the program, which supports up to 16 camera channels. Collaboration with AxxonSoft provides an excellent platform for us to demonstrate how compatible our products are, offering users numerous benefits and versatilities.

Search video footage to investigate and prevent fraud.

More than 2, partners perform over 1, installations every month and 38 offices on five continents imtellect rapid deliveries and exemplary partner support. Every license includes full, unrestricted VMS functionality, even on systems of just one camera. Just as we do our utmost for our customers, AxxonSoft has proven to be a valuable business partner to Osec, year after year. The support offered by AxxonSoft on both the technical and commercial sides has been tremendous.

After a cautious search for the strongest software for handling the knowledge collected via surveillance cameras we decided to go all-in with AxxonSoft.