I got real stupid last week and decided that I would save some money and build my own home theater speakers. I ordered the Audax kit from. This superb design was borrowed from Wayne J.’s great DIY resource, . After extensive listening in comparison to my Audax home theater system that has. I have created a PDF of the Audax webpages concerning the DIY Home Theatre Kit, I basically copied and pasted into Word, but I’ve preserved.

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They look really, really, nice.

Building a Cheap DIY Home Theater The Easy Way – FireFold Blog

Diagram Copyright Audax of America If you go to the Audax website, you’ll find a picture layout of the crossovers to get a feel for how the parts will be arranged on the board.

As in previous projects, I used corner braces to hold the pieces aligned, glued the pieces, and used drywall screws to pull the corners together. Added some paint and nailers to the ceiling. Temporary mounted the projector to finalize my room layout. I installed aduax woofer crossover on the outside side wall of the sub-enclosure.

My attempt at a DIY Home Theater – Album on Imgur

You must log in or register to reply here. Good, I’m glad I’ve given you folks something to chew on! Neat to see people still interested in this thread.


Gluing this part was made easy by using some long clamps to hold the sub-enclosure tight to the front baffle and top panel. I am pretty sure that Ted designed and build line arrays for his LCR speakers years ago. The F3 is 50 Hz, sensitivity is These are the plans I’m looking for Barrett.

I built the cabinets and then burned out on speaker building before I built the crossovers. I wound up applying five coats and stopped there. Originally Posted by Duaner.

Couple of threads for the same Audax HT speakers that I built

Run fiber optics through panel covered in felt. I hope at least a few people find it useful, it took quite a while to produce. The center speaker should be placed directing above or below the viewing screen.

Ohme you want a typical movie theater appearance, you may want to use seats that match a theater.

Javascript is required to view comments normally. The thread eventually turned into an Audax HT build thread.

I got a projector, my brown chair and portable cooler to lay out the foundation. Along the side walls, you may want to install sconces. For the best experience, the next step is to insulate the room. I then glued the front baffle on, ensuring that the proper alignment of the tweeter hole is positioned up toward the top wall.

The woofer board calls for 10 ohm, 25 watt resistors. Building the sub box If you’re on a budget, Madisound offers the crossover parts at a cheaper price, but the old adage holds true here: That’s a big board!


Remember, the center channel is the most important! Built a mount for the projector I let everything dry for about 24 hours before installing the drivers because the Liquid Nails contains hydrocarbon solvents that may have an xiy on the rubber surrounds of the woofers. I maintained the inductor gauge as described in the design and avoided using a lower gauge thicker.

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Check out the bibliography section here for their websites. Thread starter GeorgeO Start date Oct 4, The other speakers can be camouflaged behind acoustic, artistic panels. Cabinet with sub-enclosure installed This is the reason for not cutting the braces yet, as they may be different lengths, depending on how close you center the sub-enclosure. Audax 1″ micro tweeter TMF1. The tweeter and midrange are housed in their own little sub-enclosure, while the audaax s are in a separate enclosure, handling frequencies below the critical lobing frequencies.

I can’t find the detailed plans anywhere, can anyone tell me where Audqx can find them? Cabinet and Grille Materials: Once you get to this point, there are several avenues to travel theatrd get to a high gloss finish.