24 May A few days ago I began Assimil’s Le Persan, and it is going great. What a carefully put together book. It has wit, it has scrupulous editing, it has. 03 Digui, digui Curs de Catal√† per a No-Catalanoparlants Adults 2. uploaded by. uploader avatar Marconikoff7 ¬∑ UrduGrammar uploaded by. 3 Sep I’ve studied up to lesson 34 of Le Persan sans Peine. It’s my first Assimil experience. I don’t know French, so I’m not sure how good the.

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Nevertheless, with this course you a managable amount of works and if it would be longer it would be too difficult. assimil persan

L’Arabe, apprendre l’arabe – Assimil

There are also practice exercises. However, I have learned them solely for academic purposes, I must confess I assimil persan enjoyed learning a language. Then last night I fell assimil persan to Pimsleur Swahili. I don’t know French, so I’m not sure how good the grammar instructions are, but I do like the structure.

And there are audio files assimil persan go with the book, though the CDs containing them are languishing on the floor at the moment. Quite the opposite, in fact. I may thank you for that! They are the big U.

I Love Assimil for Persian!

Persian Farsi overview http: It’s probably best to asimil Assimil persan with other sources, such as http: That way I get assimil persan practice two languages at once! Post a Comment Comments are moderated for relevance and for abusive or profane language.


Came across your blog and it kinda motivated me more. Even the largest Kyobo Bookstore does not assimil persan it. Their books are not full of cutesey bullets and silly games. If anyone has completed or reviewed the Persian course, I would be interested in hearing your persann.

That’s why FSI says that’s one of the most difficult languages. Such challenges are trivial, however, and can easily be overcome. assimil persan

If you are serious about language and serious about Assimil, though, you are best off learning French, as that is the base for the largest number assimil persan Assimil products.

This is something of “buying a assimil persan in a poke”, but at least the prices are low. There are some perzan materials available on the JLU-Archives website: Comments are moderated for relevance and for abusive or profane language.

assimil persan – PDF Drive

assimil persan However if you learn ;ersan an hour a day you will need about a year to finish the book, in other european language 6 month might be possible, but assimil persan can’t expect to learn such a language in the assimil persan time as Spanish or Portuguese.


It would be better to use another source for that which focuses on pronunciation of the letters and how the letters are connected. They have a long history. A very common sentence from colloquial Persian that you might hear in Tehran everyday.

Assimil, as Assimil persan have mentioned before on this assmil, offers products through all kinds of base languages, so you can study Arabic via German, or Swedish via French, or Russian via English, and so on. Radio Iran has a assimil persan called ‘Persan sans peine’. Users browsing this forum: As Nazanin almost implied it before, in colloquial Assimil persan usually different aspects of words change, their pronunciation, their grammatical register and even sometimes their meaning, the case here of course is an instance of a slight alteration in pronunciation.

I am living in Seoul, Korea.

I ordered Egyptian Hieroglyphics of Assimil in French. The Arabic Assimil Course is not bad at all, it’s just assimil persan to petsan, because all words seem to be similar and grammar is different.

I wish you good luck, hodahafiz!