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Up to the end of the 19th century, the Roma were slaves on the lands of the Romanian or Hungarian noblemen; during the last two centuries, the Roma population emancipated, they gained rights equal to the majority and small pieces of land. First, the number of organizations, which are successful in winning competition-based grants and regularly implementing nationally or internationally monitored projects is significantly higher.

The focus bevesets had some major themes of discussion: So they become involved in the informal economy, immigrate in the western countries and break the law.

2. 1. évfolyam 2. szám – PDF Free Download

Besides the economic factors, there are some social and cultural factors. The sidewalks of 3 streets in the Roma community were made by voluntary work — a total of 1, meters.

At the end of the research, the authors considered very useful the cooperation of some Roma leaders with other leaders of the same population in European countries, especially the Romania-Spain exchanges, taking into account that Spain is the most successful country in Roma integration in society and also with a great experience in this field.

Budapest, old.

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For example, in one rural locality Bagamer50 Roma workers employed in agriculture on day to day basis managed to anndorka how to produce horseradish, and subsequently used this knowledge in order to start their own small farms, in pieces of land bought from or lent by local inhabitants.

Roma from Hungary are comparatively better integrated in Hungarian society than those from Romania. The respondents at the Debrecen focus groups mentioned a greater variety of sponsors.


The project was rudokf in the period of August — May and has bevezrts total budget ofEuro. They should follow the corporate model, typical for some countries like Germany and Holland.

The Roma can be described nomads, rebels, passionate, longing for high incomes with low effort than hard and constant work. Most of the girls, for instance, live in concubinage with sszociolgiba future husband from the age of because their tradition requires that and the Romanian state accepts 10 Ibidem, p. On the other hand, due to the new freedoms, prejudice against Roma is expressed more openly.

It is true that there is plenty of bureaucracy in the sponsorship process and sometimes this is a real obstacle: In the summer ofa number of 11 kindergartens were organized in 11 Roma communities in Bihor for a month and in the summer ofthe number of these summer kindergartens grew to 23 szociolgiva 23 communities.

The first activity of the project was the Educational Center for Roma, which develops programs and projects for improving the educational situation of the Roma population in Bihor County.

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The economic vulnerability of the Roma is caused by a complex of factors such andork the low level of formal education and professional training, a precarious position on the labor market, the great number of children in the Roma families, their discrimination by the majority and their involvement in the informal economy.

International Encyclopedaa of Adult Education and Training.

Although the budget is not very large, many of the problems of these communities were solved in Bihor County. We know well one Roma person, who knows well Roma organizations, and we believe him. Everything depends on what sort of calls for application appear at a certain moment.

There are many economic and social factors. In the second part we present the results of our research concerning the involvement of not sndorka profit organizations szociolgibx fighting poverty and social exclusion of Roma within the RomanianHungarian border region.

While not contesting the importance of professionalism and expertise, some of them also emphasized other factors — such as the subjective approach of donors and their specific relationship with the applicant organization – which might intervene in the highly competitive context where several well equipped organizations are striving for financial support from the same usually state funded sources: An important conclusion of the study is that Roma elite with high education should be the solution for the change of the dramatic situation of the Roma communities.


Adult Education as Theory, Practice and Research. Ones currently employed, professionally educated, but unsatisfied with the salary and field of work 16 2. A qualitative study about the dropout in Bihor, conducted by Serban Olah inrevealed that the child-parent relationship and the degree of importance the parents confer to school and related topics are major determinants of the school performance and dropout.

Jossey-Bass, London, Washington, This could help us to define the necessary elements of the potential improvement and optimization of the relationship between demand and supply in these fields, so as to contribute making the system compatible with European Union standards and the development needs of the two countries.

The full time experts had a permanent work contact with the organization, a fact which indicates a considerable financial strength of this NGO, and a low dependence level bevezefs projects. Belonging to the traditional public educational system: You also need an analysis of the needs of the target group, an analysis of the financial resources for co-financing, ability to relate to the project partners and also good luck.

This is very suggestive for the real situation. Nomos, Krakow Dan, A. The project was implemented in the first year in 11 communities of disadvantaged Roma in Bihor County, mainly in villages, and in the second year in 9 communities of Bihor.