“An Anarchist FAQ” is a FAQ written by an international work group of social anarchists connected through the internet. It documents anarchist theory and ideas. Anarchist FAQ (Jun 22, ); A Why is anarchism also called libertarian socialism? A Is it possible to be an anarchist without opposing hierarchy?. 29 Dec Welcome to our FAQ on anarchism. This FAQ was written by anarchists across the world in an attempt to present anarchist ideas and theory to.

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It is only the dynamics of human interaction within groups which give them life. It is because of the role of religion and its institutions that anarchists have spent some anarchist faq refuting the idea of religion as well as propagandising abarchist it. The anarchist movement as a whole has always recognised that social relationships cannot be anarchist faq or bombed out of existence.

Capitalism will continue as long as anarchist faq an economic system is considered adequate and just. We have seen that anarchists abhor authoritarianism.

It goes without anarchist faq that is why anarchiwt was so important too. This will not eliminate conflict between anarchist faq nor create a fully formed anarchist humanity overnight but it will lay the ground for the gradual elimination of whatever prejudices and anti-social behaviour that remain after the struggle to change society has revolutionised those doing it.

An Anarchist FAQ, Vol. 1 by Iain Mckay

However, the meanings of words change over time. In other words, groups structured in an gaq way will have a anarchist faq impact on the freedom and individuality of those within them. Indeed, the struggle lasts forever!

Like all anarchists, Proudhon saw this integration of functions anarchist faq the key to equality and freedom and proposed self-management as the means to fa it. Or, as Michael Bakunin puts it:.


An Anarchist FAQ, Vol. 1

However, without a conscious anarchist presence any libertarian tendencies are likely to be used, abused and finally destroyed by parties or religious groups seeking political anarchist faq over the masses the Russian Revolution is the anarchist faq famous example of this process.

Individuals must be free to join together as they see fit, for this is the basis of freedom and human dignity. Anarchists simply seek to strengthen these libertarian tendencies and bring them to their full fruition. In this way society becomes an association of associations, a community of communities, a commune of communes, based upon maximising individual freedom by maximising participation and self-management.

To promise to obey is to state, anarchist faq in certain areas, the person making the promise is no longer free to exercise her capacities and decide upon her own actions, and is no longer equal, but subordinate. It is anarchist faq link between the individual anarchist faq society, the means by which individuals anarchist faq work together to meet their common interests in an environment that supports and nurtures both liberty and equality.

He may fall, but he cannot bring shame upon himself or his causes. This is why anarchists think that voluntary association must be complemented by self-management direct democracy within these associations. We know that it is a lengthy document and may put off the casual observer but its length is unavoidable. Co-operation is a shrewd and highly successful strategy — a pragmatic choice that anarchist faq things done at work and at school even more effectively than competition does For these reasons, anarchists reject authoritarian forms of organisation and instead support associations based on free agreement.

How it develops and expresses itself is dependent on the kind of society we live in and create. Views Read Edit View history. Joshua rated it liked it Jan znarchist, It has been in constant evolution since What the concept of equality does not mean is that all men are alike. Like what you are reading? The exercise of authority is not freedom. There is no cure for them other than the free process of education. Without real equality, the sense of justice can anarchist faq be anarchisy developed, because Justice implies the recognition anarchist faq Equality.

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Subsequent protests have seen the media indulge in yet more anti-anarchist hype, inventing stories anarchist faq present anarchists are hate-filled individuals planning mass violence. Fortunately existing society has not been created by the inspired will of a dominating class, which anarchist faq succeeded in reducing all its subjects to passive and anarchist faq instruments of its interests.

An Anarchist FAQ (02/17)

Anarchists are thus opposed to both capitalism and to the state, as well as to all forms of religious authority. So while social and individualist anarchists do disagree on many issues — for anarchist faq, whether a true, that is non-capitalist, free market would be the best means of maximising liberty — they agree that capitalism is to be opposed as exploitative and oppressive and that an anarchist society must, by definition, be based on associated, not wage, labour.

That consisted of slavery, indentured slaves and making property unaffordable eventually anarchist faq state help: There is no other alternative. It is all-powerful argument for equality. Section I – What would an anarchist society look like? It is for that anarchist faq anarchists anarchist faq to influence the struggle and spread our ideas see section J.

Why are most anarchists atheists? For human character is diverse It includes all authoritarian economic and social anarchist faq as well as political ones, particularly those associated with capitalist property and wage labour.