The summative assessment will ask you to analyse a source text using the resources of both disciplines, and then to write a reflexive essay positioning your own approach in relation to other historians and critics studied on the module. Why is it that, in a world where culture changes quickly and irrevocably, the elements of the gothic seem to stay the same? By studying the development of children’s literature, this module also analyses the development of the concept of childhood in Western society. You’ll study the impact of structuralism, theories of genre, narrative and models of film language; feminist film theory and its emphasis on psychoanalysis; theories of race and representation; cognitive theory; emerging eco-critical approaches; post-structuralist and post-modern film theory. Meet the Communications Team. The module aims to foster an understanding of the Beats in literary, political and social contexts.

This module will enable you to test your abilities and potential as a writer of prose fiction, building on the experience you already have in a formal creative writing environment. Original post by spwills Wow congratulations, I hope you’re proud of yourself! The term originated in the nineteenth century, the high period of a certain kind of realist novel that Colin MacCabe called the ‘classic realist text’. From the ways in which migrant writers negotiate new ways of belonging in American sub-cultures, to the city of New York as a cosmopolitan utopia, to the “outsider” status of fantasy fiction in canons of American “literature,” you will investigate how seeing through the eyes of a stranger might be one of the sharpest ways to bring America into focus as an object of study. You’ll also explore key period artistic and literary concepts such as the sublime, beautiful, picturesque, the Hellenic, and pastoral, and you’ll analyse the many ways in which the writers of the period exploited concepts of landscape.

Education and Lifelong Learning. Reading key historical, philosophical, political, legal and literary texts, this module track will track the emergence of human rights as a cultural idea from their conception american literature creative writing uea the eighteenth century, through the development of political rights and humanitarianism in the nineteenth century, through to the Nuremberg trials and the United Nations of Declaration of Human Rights UDHRinto the post World War Two period and up to the present day.

The module is structured in three parts: Study Abroad and Exchange. You’ll concentrate in each case on specific aspects of the language, style, and structure of the writing: Through seminar based discussions, you’ll develop your ability to evaluate literary texts as contributions to historical revisions and debates, and also as representations of identity, american literature creative writing uea, the nation state, politics, and culture.

You are advised to indicate your reason for wishing to defer entry and may wish to contact the appropriate Admissions Office directly to discuss this further. Scriptwriting Aut as compulsory modules.

Studying American Lit is so much better than English Lit

The work will involve critical readings, engagement with primary source materials, seminar discussions, presentations, and critical writing with creative practice. Student Life Campus Life.


Our interest will not be to establish a history of the short story, but instead to explore the range of american literature creative writing uea preoccupations, changing definitions, and critical debates surrounding the form.

You’ll investigate the varieties of realism by exploring the multifarious and innovative ways in which writers have exploited a variety of literary forms with the aim of producing the impression of a faithful representation of historical reality.

Studying American Lit is so much better than English Lit

Many of the books you will review are by writers we have come to think of as a central part of ‘American Literature’, of the ‘American Tradition’, of the ‘Jazz Age’ and of ‘American Modernism’. This module offers you the opportunity to develop both american literature creative writing uea understanding and practical skills in writing and the communication of ideas within and for professions in the creative industries, and to gain an appreciation and knowledge of the sector and its place in american literature creative writing uea creative economy.

Follow 18 Medicine and Health Sciences Health Sciences. You’ll learn through close reading, class discussion and independent study. What makes this even more disappointing is the lack of consultation that happened before the decision was made.

Get Started Today’s posts Unanswered posts. You will be assessed through coursework, reflective reports, and student-led workshops, and gain expertise in communicating your ideas via student-led groupwork and seminar discussion.

You’ll also be expected to keep a journal in order to reflect on connections between your reading and yourself. Students will select 40 credits from the following modules: Media Room Latest News.

BA American Literature with Creative Writing Undergraduate Study – UEA

What do our critical and theoretical interests say about our values and concerns? You will engage with the processes involved in its hypothetical production and learn to identify and address its readership.

Basically, they just want to see that you’re capable of writing. As America was colonised, achieved independence, american literature creative writing uea westwards and fought a Civil War, how did American writers respond to the extraordinary tensions running through a american literature creative writing uea born nation? American fiction american literature creative writing uea in the period of the European Gothic novel, and its presence has marked American literature ever since. Please see Additional Course Fees for details of other course-related costs.

You will learn about the development of the literary genre in its various forms, including the experimental, consider the differences between writing history and writing historical literature, study debates about authenticity, the relationship between historical subject and contemporary viewpoint and about appropriation and entitlement when writing about a culture’s history.

You’ll also study a selection of historical and critical material that will contextualize the primary texts and give you a thorough understanding of the cultural and economic mechanisms that produced the Windy City.

The term originated in the nineteenth century, the high period of a certain kind of realist novel that Colin American literature creative writing uea called the ‘classic realist text’. Happy V-day you cynical bunch.


Follow 6 I have applied to Bath Spa, Winchester, Kingston and Warwick, although I’m not expecting to be accepted by the last one. Numerous recent scholars have since discussed Romantic writing’s preoccupation with the psychologically unusual and aberrant from a variety of perspectives including the literary, historical, philosophical and, more recently, a medical point of view.

It starts with the history of children’s literature, looking at its use as a pedagogical tool, moving through Aesop’s fables, fairy tales, Victorian and Edwardian literature, and examining authors that might include A A Milne, Dr.

Why do american literature creative writing uea draw their life stories in comics form? Your final degree result is determined by the marks you receive in your second and fourth years.

You’ll also benefit from taught sessions on Adobe Indesign software in our Media Suite to enable you to design your publication at a simple, basic level. At UEA, you will also be surrounded by the many students we welcome from around the world to study with us. From puritans to politicians, from revolutionaries to romantics, from slavery to emancipation, you will explore the work of the men and women who shaped our ideas of what American Literature was, is, and might be.

By the end of the module you will be able to spot complex literary patterns, account for their strange and uncanny effects on american literature creative writing uea reader, and describe how American literature american literature creative writing uea to be so very haunted. Through a variety of cultural texts, from literature, film and documentary, political speeches and letters, to historical texts and pop culture, we examine the ways in which these crises have been culturally and politically constructed and given particular sets of meaning.

University League Table Ranking: One of the reasons I chose this course at UEA — aside from the fact it is the best place in the country for American studies — was because it was billed as the Lego of degrees: Develop your skills, build a strong CV and focus your extra-curricular activities while studying with our employer-valued UEA award. You’ll consider the issues they identify as pressing in American culture, as well as the literary strategies used to explore those issues.

Unfortunately, had students been informed of the decision UEA would have discovered that these changes are not considered minor by the students themselves. Each member of staff at UEA dedicates specific hours each week to one-to-one meetings with students, when you can come and american literature creative writing uea additional advice and feedback.