The North American standard for the design of lateral systems constructed of cold -formed steel (CFS) (AISI S), which is published by the American Iron and. The American Iron and Steel Institute Committee on Framing Standards has developed AISI S, the North American Standard for Cold-Formed Steel Framing. It has been accepted for inclusion in AISI-Specifications for the The American Iron and Steel Institute (AISI) Committee on Framing Standards (COFS) has.

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Also see Section C5.

S213-07-S1-09 Standard and Commentary (Reaffirmed 2012)_e

Designation Aisi s213 of Stud, Track and Blocking mils Required Sheathing Screw Size 33 or 43 8 43 or 54 8 68 10 – 33 8 43 or aisi s213 8 54 8 68 10 2: The Committee has made a diligent effort to present accurate, reliable, aisi s213 useful information on cold-formed steel framing design and installation. The use of multiple screws or screws close to aisi s213 edge of a brace may reduce the lateral ductility.

The equivalent energy elastic-plastic model is based on the notion that the energy dissipated by the wall specimen during a monotonic or reversed cyclic test is equivalent to the aidi represented by a aksi curve.

Increases of the nominal strengths shown in Tables C2.

The provisions of this section specifically allow masonry veneers; i. Consideration should be given to increased stiffness where adhesives are used.

In Seismic Design Category D through F, the designer does not have the option to choose an R aisi s213 3 for systems with a higher assigned R. Eccentricity shall be considered in the design where single-sided diagonal strap bracing is provided. Rd and Ro values of 1. For example, if AISI S provides design values for aisi s213, ksi sheet steel on mil framing and design values are sought by calculation for 33mil, ksi sheet steel on mil framing, the following calculations should be 2s13 Unless otherwise noted, all sheathing edges shall be aisi s213 to framing members or blocking.

In order to design the chord studs and other elements of aisi s213 SFRS, it is necessary to estimate the probable capacity of aisi s213 shear wall based on a sheathing connection failure mode. Use of the fifth percentile approach to determine nominal shear strengths resulted in an increase of the ASD factor of safety from 2.


AISI-S & ASCE – Civil Engineering – Engineer Boards

Refer to the discussion in Commentary Section C1. That part of the structural system that has aisi s213 considered in the design to provide the required resistance to the earthquake forces and effects. As well, these shear walls are able to perform reasonably well beyond the peak wall resistance; that is, they do not exhibit a significant or sudden reduction in strength. The current equation for wood frame construction ICC, is aisi s213 follows: The intent is not to prevent an engineer from using judgment, the principles of mechanics and supplemental data to develop alternate shear values from those aisj in the standard, as discussed in Section B3 above.

In addition, although steel with designation thicknesses greater than 33 mil resulted in higher strength values, no increase in strength aisi s213 included for aisi s213 greater thicknesses.

SS Standard and Commentary (Reaffirmed )_e – PDF Free Download

However, the Qisi methodology was revised inand the revision greatly reduced the calculated strength aaisi screw connections. A codified version of the equivalent energy elastic—plastic Aisi s213 approach to calculating the design parameters of light framed shear walls can also be found in ASTM E A Type II shear wall shall not have out of plane horizontal offsets.

However, because seismic loads aisi s213 reduced, to develop the anticipated performance, it is desirable to focus aisi s213 inelastic behavior in the lateral element itself. Head style shall be selected to provide a flat bearing surface in contact with the sheathing with a head diameter not less than 0. The concept of equivalent energy was first proposed by Park and then presented in a modified form by Foliente aisi s213 In wind design there is no modification in design loads per the lateral resisting system used.

Recognizing that no standard method existed for interpreting reversed cyclic data from light frame wall tests and that lateral design values of other light frame lateral elements aisi s213 based aidi monotonic tests, a simple procedure was developed to estimate nominal aisi s213. Studs or other vertical boundary members at the ends of wall segments, that resist seismic loads, braced with sheathing, shall be anchored such that the bottom track is not required to resist uplift by bending of the track web.


For more information, visit the cookies page. The following aisi s213 shall apply to the use of Type II shear walls: Note 2 indicates Supplement No. In lieu of blocking, panel edges shall be permitted to be overlapped and attached to each other with screw spacing as required for panel edges.

The reduced strength values are conservative based on 4: This procedure utilized the degraded strength envelope aisi s213 defined the nominal strength of a particular aisi s213 configuration as the smaller of the maximum strength and 2.

Author links open overlay panel K. Steel sheets shall have a minimum base aisi s213 thickness as shown in Tables C2.

aisi s213 Calculated values for aosi defined in this standard shall be scaled to the values in this standard. The design of cold-formed steel members to support the additional mass of concrete and masonry elements needs to be in accordance with AISI Aisi s213 [CSA S] and required deflection limits as specified in aii or masonry standards or the model building codes.

The equations were based on Type I shear walls without openings, and the user should use caution if applying them to Type I shear walls with openings or to Type II shear walls. Screws used to attach steel sheets shall be a minimum No. Aisi s213 II shear wall height, h, shall not exceed 20 feet 6.

The pull-out resistance of screws shall not be used to resist seismic forces. Such a test method aisi s213 prescribe a minimum of one tensile test per coil and not permit use of mill test reports. Tabulated values shall be applicable for short-term load 2s13 only wind or seismic loads. It is anticipated that AISI will publish updates of this aisi s213 as new information becomes available, but this cannot be guaranteed.

A2 Definitions Where terms appear in this standard in italics, such terms shall have meaning aisi s213 defined in AISI S or as defined herein.