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Head shot of Cathy LarkinHello, I’m Cathy Larkin and this site – Why Do We Blog is a foray into an exciting new online project – an intersection of individuals and technology and passion. On this site, I’ll be exploring, through interviews, why it is that people blog, what they blog about and a bit about how they go about blogging.

Why am I interested? I like people, and I’m a bit of a girl geek. This confluence of individual passion and reaching out for connection through the medium of technology fascinates me.

In the 1980s I read and loved Studs Terkel’s book “Working: What People Do All Day and How They Feel About It” – this site is, in part, inspired by his oral histories of regular people. I have also been inspired by the interviews of NPR / WHYY radio’s Terry Gross – whose show Fresh Air went national in the mid 1980s about the time I read Terkel’s book “Working.” Gross has a way of asking questions that really helps to capture a slice of a person’s life and their reaction to the world around them, an dhow they feel about it. (WHYY.org radio is local to the Philadelphia PA area where I grew up and live).

The site will also have a separate section on how to blog, including plenty of my own original content, plus resources and links to other blogger’s posts about blogging, plus how to find help to set up a blog or to customize and enhance an existing blog. I will primarily be talking about blogging using the WordPress.org free software on your own domain name / URL although many of the blogging concepts I’ll discuss are applicable to any sort of blog, or even a more traditional website.

I have 20 plus years of public relations and marketing experience, and have been involved in social media since mid 2007 when I attended a couple of conferences, started blogging and using social media – after which I decided to let my inner geek girl out of the closet to help add some online tools to my PR toolkit, and I’ve never looked back. You can also find me at my main blog http://WebSavvyPR.com and on Twitter at @CathyWebSavvyPR and @WhyDoWeBlog.


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