How Do I Find a Blog?

Woman reading a blog on computerShan, a reader, asked “How do you find blogs to read, is there  someplace that lists them by topic?” This post is a longer version of my answer to that question. They liked my first post explaining what blogs are (I used the analogy of a newspaper column or a magazine columnist). So I wrote a quick answer in the comments, then am expanding it here – figuring that she is not the only one with the question: how do I find blogs of interest to me. There are several ways to find a list of blogs on topics of interest:
1) You can go to a search engine like Google and type in a phrase like “photography blogs” or “blogs on gardening” or whatever you are interested in. Also, during a normal search on Google, a certain portion of the results will be blogs. If they are not a newspaper site, but they allow comments, then it is likely a blog. Not all blogs label themselves as blogs.

 Also, some companies host blogs on their own websites, as a more informal way to learn about a company. Some have great blogs, and some company blogs are very corporate and boring.  So next time you are on a website, look for a link to their blog. Sometimes it is on the top navigation bar, other times it is tucked away in the links at the bottom of the page.

2) You can also go to one of several blog directories and look up blogs by topic. Not all blogs are listed here, as individual bloggers must know to submit their blogs to these listings, some of the best directories then go and verify that the site is what ti says it’s about, and even ranks them by how good they are:

Try – this site lists 1.2 million blogs – but don’t be intimidated by the number, the blogs are categorized and there is a search box. Blogs on this site are ranked by the site – so the good ones generally rise to the top.

Or This site is set up like a search engine for blogs. When you type into the “What do you want to read today” box – the site brings up a list of blog posts that match the search terms, rather than a list of blog names like Technorati does.

3) You can also go to blogging sites that collect blogs of a similar type like – mainly blogs on a variety of topics, but written by and/or for women.

Or you can try the broader-based – the brainchild of Guy Kawasaki (of Apple fame). He put together a team of folks that sort through the blog requests and add the most interesting blogs in each category. within each category it shows the name of each blog and the most recent 3-5 blog posts – with clickable links, so you can see what they really talk about to help you decide which blog you want to read. There is a search box and an alphabetical listing, but I find the topic tabs at the top most useful: WORK HEALTH, CULTURE, INTERESTS, TECH, PEOPLE, GOOD NEWS, GEOS, SPORTS – under each category, it show to top blogs and sites.

4) Another idea, if you are active on any social media, or at your next holiday or office party (since I am writing this in mid-December) is to ask your friends if they read any blogs, and if so what are their favorite ones. It might be a conversation stopper – with people looking at you blankly, but it might be a conversation starter with people talking about something that interests them. Who knows, you might even find that a friend of yours actually writes a blog themselves.

Happy exploring!

A final note for new or want-to-be bloggers – reading the blogs that are out there in your area of interest, as you begin blogging, helps you to learn how blogs work, see what type of posts people write, and helps you decide what part of your area of interest to specialize in. It can help you develop YOUR voice. You can also learn about cool features various bloggers use on their sites, what themes and layouts you like or don’t like. So bookmark blogs you like or subscribe to their RSS feeds and get to know other bloggers in your space. Comment on their posts in ways that add value to the conversation, you never know that interaction may lead to something more for you and your site.

Also – let me and my readers know what are your favorites sources for finding blogs to read – What’s your answer to How Do I Find a Blog?

Cathy Larkin


6 thoughts on “How Do I Find a Blog?

  1. I am an artist. I’m thinking of starting a blog. Do you remember the childhood jump rope game girls used to play with two ropes? It took timing to enter those ropes successfully. Now I feel like there are hundreds of thousands of ropes being twirled. This article helped me figure out how to begin to plan to jump in. Thanks

    • Helen, thanks for such a nice comment. I am a Photographer and potter by hobby. I’m getting ready to launch a photoblog as well in early 2012, as I have my first real show next December, in 2012.

      I’m so glad this post helped you – and what a great analogy – of the jump-ropes. I’m sure your blog will be lovely, you have a way with words too! I’m also launching a sister blog to this one soon – HowToBlogInfo – it’s not up yet but is coming soon, with more how to blog tips, and a store for blogging resources, products and books to make it easy. I’ll be linking to it in my navigation bar above.

      I’m also getting ready to post my first “Why Do We Blog” interview of a blogger friend of mine in the next week or so – he blog journey took her from why do I blog? – “because I like to write”…to… why? “I want to share my story and help others” – so stay tuned!

  2. Thanks Cathy. Congratulations on your Dec. 2012 show. At lot of what I want to write about has to do with the artist/gallery relationship. (I’ve been at it for awhile.)
    I went to your web site. Are the pictures you’re going to exhibit on it?

    • That’s a great topic for a blog and of interest to many readers. Unfortunately, my images are not up yet. I have just been doing small shows. This show will be 20 – 30 pieces. I will be launching a photo portfolio/blog in the next few months. Head up to my contact page and drop me an email, and I’ll let you know when my new site is up.

      I have to fit in in between my blog, social media and PR coaching/consulting work and work on my own blogs, but a photo site is in the works.

      A few of my images are up on My Art Space – not my newest work, but the reflections and thin ice will be in the show.

      Thanks for looking/asking

  3. Great article. There are millions of blogs out there & when I tell people that I blog, they wonder how you can ever go about finding any of them. This just might help!

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