Why Do We Blog?

Why do We blog - motorcycle vanity license plate "WHY"I’m curious to discover why DO we blog? Why are 1.44 million of us sitting at computers typing 500 to 1500 words on average, in hopes that someone else will sit at a computer and read them. We further hope that people will leave a comment; share our work with their networks, friends and connections; or take some other action on our site. Please let me know your main and secondary reasons for blogging in the comments; I know they can be complicated and inter-related. I’d love to hear your answers below.This is a quick post that I hope will be up here for a long time generating comments.

When I mention the name of my blog, I get asked… “Why do you blog?” I blog because I enjoy the process of researching and sharing information. In another life I would have been a teacher. I have also always been fascinated by people and am full of curiosity. I’ve also been a writer for most of my life, mostly because I enjoy it, rather than as a profession (other than writing for work). I’m also a PR pro of 20 years, and a part of my role in PR has been to help people connect with information of interest to them. What better way than a blog?

So I ask again – Why Do You Blog?

If you are on Twitter, feel free to mention your twitter name, I have a plugin that will make it a link to your account – I’d love to connect there too. On Twitter you can find me at @WhyDoWeBlog and @CathyWebSavvyPR.

For more on the Why Do We Blog project – see my about page: http://whydoweblog.com/about-why-do-we-blog/

I have also  always been fascinated by people and am full of curiosity.

11 thoughts on “Why Do We Blog?

  1. Hey Cathy,

    One of the reasons why I like to blog would be cause I enjoy it! Its a hobby of mine and I also like to help other people through my articles, this also helps me learn new stuff from my readers too through comments.

    Another reason why I blog is to build new relationships with people who have the same hobbies as myself, Web Design etc so we can discuss or maybe work on new projects as a team, this can also open up to finding new jobs and clients! :)

  2. I blog to share what I have learned over the years with small businesses that most need to know and can least afford to find out because usually they would have to hire an agency or consultant to advise them.

    A blog to me is a way to compile my research for future reference by myself and others – which is exactly why I built my very first site in the mid-1990s in FrontPage – to do.

    • Gail – I agree – BTW Good to see you here as well as on Twitter.

      One reason for starting my other blog http://WebSavvyPR.com was to give potential and existing clients (often small businesses or non-profits) a way to learn about how I approach things. Give them a hand understanding things they need to know about, and my POV on them. I know it has been a part of the hiring decision by several clients… “I really like how you approach social media, I’ve read your blog…” etc.

  3. When I started I thought it was going to be a luv feast as we all GOT RICH after a way to long process of elimination I stuck around continued to find some real friends built a hot community and now I am starting a nice size company and am just getting started.
    So why WHY NOT LOL :)
    Quick way to make all your dreams come true in a few years verse 20 in a factory :)
    Nice post

    • John – I like your last line – sure beats factory work… ;~) I also enjoy the connections I’ve made through blogging and social media – it can be a great way to build community and help start or help jump start a business.

  4. Just came across your blog today and am interested in using your content in my classes. I am a high school teacher working on blogs. My multi-media students are creating blogs, and I would like to have a Skype interview with you about blogging, style, why we blog, etc., if you are interested. Yes we tweet @fpcahinesville. Looking forward to hearing from you.

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