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How to Blog - the word how with who, what, when whereWant to write a good guest blog post? Here are my tips and a round up of my favorite articles on the topic, which came up during #BlogChat. This post is in response to a question from @GeekBabe on the chat run by @MackCollier, a weekly discussion Sunday nights on Twitter about blogging.

Why should I write a guest blog post?

The beginning blogger might ask that question- why give my good content away on someone else’s site? …The main two reasons are exposure and quality links to your site. You are gaining exposure to another blogger’s audience, many of whom, if they like your post, will click the link and check out your site. A part of Google’s page rank depends on having quality links coming into your site. Writing guest posts can do that for you. Guest posting can also be a way to make money form blogging, but many sites today still don’t pay in cash, but in prestige and link love. But be sure it is a site that aligned with your blog’s/brand’s content.

The first post is by a good blogger and my social media / PR pal @DannyBrown with his five rules or tips on Guest bloggging:

How do I pitch a guest post to a site?

This next is a short and sweet post with tips from answering that question:

How do I land a guest posting gig?

This next post is really good and detailed. Well-known blogger @Ramit details what you need to do to land a guest post on his site, but it written to be useful for anyone pitching a guest post to an highly-regarded site.  He mentions probably the most overlooked thing in many pitches: research (which is a familiar tactic from my 20 years in PR) – know/research the blogger and site you are pitching first. His approach can seem intimidating, but if you use even some of his tips, you will be far ahead of many others.

This next post is a simpler version of what Ramit’s suggests above. While it is from 2008, the core content is still valid. The good points in this one are on ways to find sites that are looking for guest blog writers. A newer method might include a search on Twitter for people looking for guest posters. You don’t have to go for a post on an a-list blog site 1st time out of the gate. You can strike up a relationship with another niche blogger via Twitter, facebook or their own blog. But do research the site, and be sure it is something that matches your brand and  would reflect well on your site too.

How do I share my guest post with my own readers?

The next post has a great idea and a great plugin on how to do just that. You don’t want to post a copy of the guest post on your own site for a few reasons:

  1. Google can look and see that it is duplicate content and not index one or the other site.
  2. You don’t want to upset the other site owner. Sites that offer guest posting opportunities usually want new and exclusive content.

But on the other hand, you don’t want your readers to miss your good content, just because you posted it elsewhere. The author, Amy Smarty, offers 2 good tips. I need to check out one of them, the “External Links” plugin, that she mentions (currently is is only tested compatible up to wordpress 2.7 – not 3.0.1; that doesn’t mean it won’t work, but that’s 3 versions down now. I’ll hope it’s updated soon. ).

Guest blog posting no nos

And here are 11 what NOT to do’s from from the granddaddy of bloggers, @problogger Darren Rowse who uses guest posters:

What Makes a Good Guest Blog Post Bio?

I just saw this tweeted out on Twitter and it belongs here too. RT @myblogguest Guest Post By-Lines: The Good, The Bad & The Ugly

Your Ideas on Guest Posting?

I’d also like to hear your ideas and questions on guest posting and any links to GOOD posts on the topic that I’ve  missed.

By Cathy Larkin, a 20 year PR pro, social media / blog consultant and coach – helping small businesses and individuals reach their audiences and their business goals: and


3 thoughts on “Round Up – How to Guest Post

  1. I am frankly floored by your generous response to my question, that you took the time to post this information filed post in order to help just blows me away! Thank you so much, you’ve laid treasures at the feet of countless site owners out here!

  2. You are welcome, that is probably the nicest comment I’ve ever gotten! Your #Blogchat question fit with they type of information I want to provide here, and I’ve been working on posting more often, Also, I preach about writing what your audience wants/needs – so I put my money (written words) where my mouth is, as they say.

    I have also been asked to write another guest blog post myself, so it is timely info for me to review as well. I had several of these posts saved to my account on and research a couple of others. Good luck with guest posting!

    @WhyDoWe Blog & @CathyWebSavvyPR

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